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Adj.1.cherry-sized - having the approximate size of a cherry
sized - having a specified size
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This variety produces masses of fragrant foliage with clusters of beautiful cherry-sized fruit cascading down the outside of the basket.
My necklace was 60/70 inches long with huge cherry-sized imitation pearl beads.
After having surgery to remove a cherry-sized bladder stone, which was preventing him from fully emptying his bladder outside (and causing him to almost stand on his head to pee), Scooter stopped peeing in the house.
Unripe cherry-sized fruits should be removed, as these will not develop further.
A cherry-sized growth protruded from the top right side of his head, above one of the points of a large pentagram tattoo encircling his head.
This evergreen shrub has cherry-sized berries in a pearly white colour and dark, glossy green foliage.
In Italy, asparagus is served simply with shavings of Parmesan cheese, but completely off-the-cuff, we've been enjoying our first-of-the-season greenery with baked cod fillet, hollandaise sauce and mashed potato topped with plum-shaped, cherry-sized tomatoes to add a dash of visual vibrancy.
There's one tree with leaves like a laurel that I've never noticed bearing any fruit before, and now it's got big black cherry-sized bunches of whatever.
The German Duden Dictionary describes his famous cheese as follows: "full-cream cheese originating from the Swiss Emmental Valley with cherry-sized holes tasting of nut kernels.
If you like Sweet 100, the new variety, Sweet Million, is worth considering as it produces a very heavy crop extremely sweet, cherry-sized fruits.