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Adj.1.cherry-sized - having the approximate size of a cherry
sized - having a specified size
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This variety produces masses of fragrant foliage with clusters of beautiful cherry-sized fruit cascading down the outside of the basket.
Coffee beans are actually the seeds of a red, cherry-sized fruit.
My necklace was 60/70 inches long with huge cherry-sized imitation pearl beads.
Unripe cherry-sized fruits should be removed, as these will not develop further.
A cherry-sized growth protruded from the top right side of his head, above one of the points of a large pentagram tattoo encircling his head.
This evergreen shrub has cherry-sized berries in a pearly white colour and dark, glossy green foliage.
In Italy, asparagus is served simply with shavings of Parmesan cheese, but completely off-the-cuff, we've been enjoying our first-of-the-season greenery with baked cod fillet, hollandaise sauce and mashed potato topped with plum-shaped, cherry-sized tomatoes to add a dash of visual vibrancy.
There's one tree with leaves like a laurel that I've never noticed bearing any fruit before, and now it's got big black cherry-sized bunches of whatever.
The German Duden Dictionary describes his famous cheese as follows: "full-cream cheese originating from the Swiss Emmental Valley with cherry-sized holes tasting of nut kernels.
If you like Sweet 100, the new variety, Sweet Million, is worth considering as it produces a very heavy crop extremely sweet, cherry-sized fruits.