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1. A variety of silica that contains microcrystalline quartz.
2. A siliceous rock of chalcedonic or opaline silica occurring in limestone.

[Origin unknown.]

chert′y adj.
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Adj.1.cherty - resembling or containing chert
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Its mineralogical constitution is not simple; in some parts the rock is of a cherty, in others of a felspathic nature, including thin veins of serpentine.
Abundance and some biological features of Steller sea lions of the Tuleny Island [Chislennost' i nekotorye cherty biologii sivucha o.
Ten years after The Golden Girls, Cherty tackled gay characters on the short-lived CBS sitcom Some of My Best Friends, a spin-off of the movie Kiss Me, Guido.
Sovremennye cherty kompozitsii Viktora Ekimovskogo: monograficheskoe issledovanie.
Cherty, who attends Holy Trinity on the island and was baptized at St.
Amore Morello Cherty is available in store with an RSP of around 55p per 150g pot.
Gyrotonic[R] & Gyrokinesis[R] Master Trainer Owner & President, The Phoenix Center For Health Excellence, 3773 Cherty Creek Drive North, Ste.
Jim Do cherty, assistant general secretary of the Scottish Secondary Teacher's Asso-ciation, said: ''It doesn't surprise me how few have signed up.
Cherty radiouglerodnoy hronologii mamontov (mammuthus primigenius) Cybiri i Cevera Vostochnoy Evropy // Issledovania po Pleistotsenovym i Sovremennym Mlekopitaustchim.
The basinward (western) facies is very fine-grained to medium-grained, sparsely cherty limestone and dolomite to almost pure chert and represents the Grassy Knob and Clear Creek Cherts.
The Middle Silurian is represented by the Burnt Bluff Group, which is composed of light gray, calcitic dolomite and limestone, and the Manistique Group, which consists of brown or gray, cherty dolomite that contains beds of lime mudstone.