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1. A variety of silica that contains microcrystalline quartz.
2. A siliceous rock of chalcedonic or opaline silica occurring in limestone.

[Origin unknown.]

chert′y adj.
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Adj.1.cherty - resembling or containing chert
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Its mineralogical constitution is not simple; in some parts the rock is of a cherty, in others of a felspathic nature, including thin veins of serpentine.
These dykes are brown and porphyritic with fine grained to cherty ground mass.
The studied succession consists of 7 lithofacies expanded from Barnolas and Simo (1987) including: boulder-pebble conglomerates, graded pebble conglomerates, graded peloidal-ooid packstones, graded oolites, calcilutites, Posidonia coquina and cherty mudstones.
In the study area lithological units is outcrops the second to fourth periods, which from old to new are as follows: phyllite, ouartzite, paragneiss, marble, shell, sandstone with tufa, volcanic rocks, crystalline limestone locally with fosolina, metamorphic volcanic and tufa, cherty limestone, phyllite, metamorphic quartzarenite, micaschist, metadolomite, amphibolite, limestone, shale and sandstone, schist hornfels, orthogneiss, granodiorite, oput rock, shale and phyllite sandstone, granite, granodiorite, diorite, dolomitic lime, radiolarit breccia, rodist lime, orbitoline, radiolarat, black and blue marl with limestone, alluvium.
Cherty carbonate facies of the Montoya Group, southern New Mexico and western Texas and its regional correlatives: a record of Late Ordovician paleoceanography on southern Laurentia.
We made the hole from the low end and immediately hit moderately hard Cherty limestone rock which has abrasive factors to it.
Consequently, Prescott does not actually state the categorical rule that Cherty appears to have extracted from it.
Pokotylo (1994) provides a description of the primary geological deposits at Vihtr'ii Tshik, identifying three grades of material in the immediate vicinity of the site, including 1) light grey shaley material, 2) material containing some banding with a fine-grained black cherty matrix, and 3) material exclusively composed of a lustrous black cherty matrix.
Cut paste tomatoes and cherty tomatoes lengthwise in half.