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Noun1.chess board - a checkerboard used to play chesschess board - a checkerboard used to play chess  
checker board, checkerboard - a board having 64 squares of two alternating colors
chess set - checkerboard and a set of 32 pieces used to play chess
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"Naisi and Deirdre were seated together one day, and between them Conor's chess board, they playing upon it.
APROFESSOR'S "magnificent obsession" will see a war of almost 500 years ago fought out again on the chess board.
He has been coming to the Piazza chess board for 10 years.
I think it's quite an accomplishment because I don't even know how to set a chess board up." Daniel has no idea where his daughter gets her talent from but thinks she is a little brain box.
His diary contained a sketch of a chess board, with the squares filled with the date and time of each killing, plus details of the victims.
CHESS BOARD looked a horse to follow when initiating a first treble for Tom O'Brien and gaining a first success for Philip Hobbs in the juvenile hurdle.
But during the vital match, Freddie believes the Russians are tampering with the game and throws the chess board.
Poaching has always gone on, but the proliferation of agents, keen to move players around like pawns on a chess board for personal gain, and the demand of newspapers for transfer gossip, has had the effect of unsettling footballers and causing friction between clubs more than ever.
We want to get a giant chess board in the yard and things like that."
Supermarket worker Alexander Pichushkin, 33, had wanted to notch up a murder for each of the 64 squares on a chess board.
FALLING through a chess board, being eaten by a giant cockroach and being nanny to Jordan's children are some of the nightmares Britons experience, a poll out today shows.