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Noun1.chess master - a chess player of great skill
chess player - someone who plays the game of chess
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Summary: The noted chess master hosted a famed PBS live broadcast of a match in 1972
The 26-year-old coasted to his first big win on a fantastic but very difficult course that demands the precision and strategic thinking of a chess master. It was made even more special by Bezuidenhout's family surprising him on the last green after he finished his round, having flown in to watch his big moment.
Neither actor knew how to play chess beforehand and a chess master had to teach them for their key scenes in the film.
We play against each other or the Chess master. As you learn more about chess you are awarded certificates too.
May 11, 1997--IBM's Deep Blue defeats Garry Kasparov, the world's best chess player at that time, in the second of two six-game matches between the computer and the chess master. Kasparov won the first match, played in Philadelphia in 1996.
Renette presents a biography of German chess master Paulsen (1883-91) through the games he played.
Overseeing them are team manager Samson Go and United States chess master Jose "Jojo" Aquino Jr.
Then, Chess Master made the right moves to be victorious in the Azizi Mina Handicap for trainer Musabeh Al Mheiri.
In one of my books, Solve for the Customer, I noted how the great Russian chess master Garry Kasparov reached a similar conclusion.
The youngest Nobel Prize Laureate Malala Yousafzai seemed eager to hone her skills to become the 'next chess master'.
In the 5th round Saira faces the tough National Women Chess Master Zenobia; if Zenobia could be able to out played Saira; then she will have the clear cut advantage over all contenders.
Trump's fawning means Putin is hugely emboldened, playing the world like a murderous chess master. There are no more declared Russian intelligence officers left here to throw out.