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Adj.1.chestnut-colored - having the brown color of chestnuts
colored, coloured, colorful - having color or a certain color; sometimes used in combination; "colored crepe paper"; "the film was in color"; "amber-colored heads of grain"
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Once or twice lately, it is true, she had started, broad awake, before turning into Russell Square, and denounced herself rather sharply for being already in a groove, capable, that is, of thinking the same thoughts every morning at the same hour, so that the chestnut-colored brick of the Russell Square houses had some curious connection with her thoughts about office economy, and served also as a sign that she should get into trim for meeting Mr.
His big chestnut-colored beard and his long overhanging mustache are prematurely streaked with gray.
George's friends helped him corral and bridle the chestnut-colored horse.
The 3-year-old, chestnut-colored thoroughbred I'll Have Another is turning heads and churning up interest in horseracing this year.
THE ENORMOUS chestnut-colored black bear's head snapped to attention as the soft, plaintive wails of a distressed, mule deer fawn wafted through the air, triggering the "on" switch in his massive brain, Ears pinned back, eyes red-rimmed, saliva streaming from his formidable jaws; the bear spun on a dime and charging behemoth and quickly raised his bow.
In addition to a radiant smile, she wore a red full-length, silk gown with flecks of encrusted rhinestones on the bodice and a diamond tiara crowned her chestnut-colored hair.
Drake mallards can be mistaken for hens until a closer look reveals the beginning of a green head and chestnut-colored breast.
In one work, a magazine cutout depicting a chestnut-colored owl sits atop a pile of brown fabric; elsewhere, magazine clippings of animals are paired with nail-polish bottles or tips of colored pencils with matching hues.
In it, with crop in hand, she drove a cart pulled by her chestnut-colored mini-horse named Dippy.