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Adj.1.chestnut-coloured - having the brown color of chestnuts
colored, coloured, colorful - having color or a certain color; sometimes used in combination; "colored crepe paper"; "the film was in color"; "amber-colored heads of grain"
References in classic literature ?
He was dressed in a complete suit of chestnut-coloured velveteen, worn at the sides; sabots were on his feet.
The interior has chestnut-coloured upholstery, embroidered headrests for the first-row passengers, and special sill plates.
The chestnut-coloured dog was spotted by a local resident and the charity was able to rescue him.
Fill in any sparse eyebrow patches with liner or powder, before applying a nude gloss or light chestnut-coloured lipstick.
There is also a wonderful large equine portrait of the chestnut-coloured Copenhagen hanging in the entrance hall of the private mansion in Cirencester Park in Gloucestershire.
arbutus unedo, the strawberry Arbutus unedo, the strawberry tree, has rich, chestnut-coloured bark that also peels away.
But cut the tuber open and you will find patches of chestnut-coloured rot starting just under the skin.
These little birds are the true heralds of spring and harbingers of summer, bobbing on a boulder, chestnut-coloured breast, distinctive white rump.
There is a possibility the chestnut-coloured mare could also be pregnant.
His chestnut-coloured hair has grown out and he is casually dressed in a light striped shirt over jeans with trendy turn-ups.
Chestnut-coloured ale with a definite malt, toffee and chocolate aroma which introduces a robust full flavour and creates a warming glow.