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(Currencies) a Bhutanese unit of money, worth one hundredth of a ngultrum


(ˈtʃi trəm, ˈtʃɛ-)

n., pl. -trum, -trums.
a monetary unit of Bhutan, equal to 1/100 of the ngultrum.
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Noun1.chetrum - 100 chetrums equal 1 ngultrum in Bhutan
Bhutanese monetary unit - monetary unit in Bhutan
ngultrum - the basic unit of money in Bhutan
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Shan Atkins is co-founder and managing director of Chetrum Capital LLC, a private investment firm.
Atkins is currently managing director of Chetrum Capital LLC and also a director of The Pep Boys, an American auto parts and service retailer, and Spartan Stores Inc., a grocery distributor and retailer in Michigan and Ohio.
According to the press release, the 30 chetrum increase is a bigger increase than the last tariff revision in 2014.