chew away

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w>chew away

vilange herumkauen (→ at an or auf +dat); the rats have been chewing away at the woodworkdie Ratten haben am Holz herumgenagt
vt sepwegfressen
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Coastal wave action and storms instead chew away at the marsh expanses that the river used to resupply with nutrients and soil every year, causing saltwater intrusion that kills vegetation ducks need to survive.
We usually view that as the time of little galaxies working hard to chew away at the neutral intergalactic medium.
If your chewing gum contains sugar, you're essentially "bathing" your teeth in sugar while you chew away. This can contribute to tooth decay.
If you live in a rural area you may need to add some extra rabbit protection because they will chew away the bark and that will eventually kill the tree.
In the early stages of Alzheimer's disease, an overzealous set of proteins and cells begins to chew away at the brain's nerve cell connections, a study in mice suggests.
When soil microorganisms chew away on such mulches, decomposing them, they have to balance their carbon-rich diet with extra nitrogen, which they must find somewhere else.
The larvae of these beetles can chew away at the roots of your plant until it topples and rhodos are one of their favourite meals.