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v. chewed, chew·ing, chews
1. To bite and grind with the teeth; masticate.
2. To meditate on; ponder: chew a problem over.
1. To make a crushing and grinding motion with the teeth.
2. To cogitate; meditate: chewed on the difficulties ahead.
3. Informal To chew tobacco as a habit.
1. The act of chewing.
2. Something held in the mouth and chewed, especially a plug of tobacco.
Phrasal Verb:
chew out Slang
To reprimand; scold.
chew the cud Slang
To ponder over; meditate.
chew the fat/rag Slang
To talk together in a friendly, leisurely way; chat at length.

[Middle English cheuen, from Old English cēowan.]

chew′a·ble adj.
chew′er n.
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Noun1.chewer - someone who chews (especially someone who chews tobacco)
consumer - a person who uses goods or services
muncher - a chewer who makes a munching noise
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I was surprised to observe that even steady old chewers of great experience, are not always good marksmen, which has rather inclined me to doubt that general proficiency with the rifle, of which we have heard so much in England.
Designed for the mild to moderate chewer. Will not damage teeth.
The mats also may be used to keep your dog from getting bored when left alone (not recommended for a persistent or aggressive chewer!).
These are the sensations that the researchers are targeting, indicates Travis Denton, assistant professor of pharmaceutical sciences, lead author, and a former tobacco chewer who has been working on solutions to nicotine dependence for 15 years.
It ranged from 501397.20 [+ or -] 592069.90 (Alcoholic group) to 13742.54 [+ or -] 18610.38 (Tobacco Chewer group).
As frozen-faced food chewer Simon Cowell acted like he'd discovered the new Mariah Carey, he clearly wasn't aware that ambitious Alice had already been given the cold shoulder by his rivals at the BBC.
Little did Pamela Perry, DVM, Ph.D., realize when she got her beloved chocolate Labrador Retriever that Bailey would prove to be a high-energy destructive chewer for the dog's 151/2-year life.
This widespread use of tobacco has resulted in India having the highest incidence of Oral Cancer in the world.It is estimated that in the year 2015, 1, 43,963 Indians would have been diagnosed with oral and pharyngeal cancers and 91,029 would have died of the disease.TII in partnership with Nicorette strives to change this by spreading awareness on the perils of tobacco addiction while simultaneously supporting the smoker/tobacco chewer to combat his addiction.
Hearing that my father had been a chewer, I'd spit tobacco juice into the batter when no one was looking.
I was a smoker and a heavy tobacco chewer for more than 15 years.
The other site is interactive, featuring video and a quit program tailored to the individual chewer. It also includes bulletin boards that allow people to ask questions of experts, as well as post questions and answers to other people who have quit or are trying to quit.