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adj. chew·i·er, chew·i·est
Needing much chewing: chewy candy.

chew′i·ness n.


the condition of necessitating chewing or of being difficult to chew
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Figs are lusciously sweet and feature a complex texture that combines well with the chewiness of their flesh, the smoothness of their skin and the crunchiness of their seeds.
Naples is the home of pizza and they take it seriously - from the chewiness of the crust to the woodfire taste
Naples is famously the home of pizza and, boy, do they take it seriously - from the chewiness of the crust and the woodfire taste right down to the burnt crispy bits.
Hardness, gumminess and chewiness values were significantly higher for the second treatment, but not significantly different for treatments 3 and 4, compared to the control.
The squid pieces were tender with an appealing chewiness had a wonderful mouth-feel.
Cohesiveness (ratio), extent to which the sample could be deformed prior to rupture and chewiness (N mm) work to masticate the sample for swallowing.
Albert Adomah faced internal exile under Aitor Karanka for dissent, while under Tony Mowbray Scott McDonald was in the cold for general chewiness.
I'd been after an excuse to make proper old-fashioned macaroons for a while, and I thought these almond-y treats would be perfect here, with their combination of crunch and chewiness.
Data were collected and analysed for hardness (N), springiness, cohesiveness, gumminess (N), and chewiness (N).
Texturally, this dish feels very satisfying because it has the chewiness of the shio kombu, slight crunchiness of the crispy edge's of the cabbage, and the creaminess of the Green Goddess dressing, a blend of parsley, tarragon, chive, basil, mustard, olive oil, rice, vinegar, and a touch of honey emulsion.
Still, each of these was note-perfect: lamb and potato croquettes were crisply breaded and pillow-soft and buttery inside; pickled vegetables from Food Nation's allotment retained enough of their own flavour while being sharp and fresh with spiced vinegar; a simple dish of halloumi was cooked just as it should be, avoiding that rubbery chewiness the cheese sometimes gets.