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adj. chew·i·er, chew·i·est
Needing much chewing: chewy candy.

chew′i·ness n.


the condition of necessitating chewing or of being difficult to chew
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The hardness, springiness, cohesiveness and chewiness of the pomace-fortified chicken patties were lower than the control at ~6.
The crust of the fatayer has a slight sweetness as well and chewiness, which goes well with the very lightly sour spinach.
2004) found that shear force values of broiler breast meat were highly correlated with some sensory textural attributes such as cohesiveness, hardness, particle size, bolus size, and chewiness.
The use of the cheeks rather than the more flaky meat found on the rest of a fish, gave it that slight chewiness you associate with scampi, with a texture almost more like the squid in a calamari ring than a normal fish texture.
Don't worry, it will continue to cook while draining in a colander, and besides, a little chewiness isn't a terrible thing when it comes to pasta.
Mastic is a resin that imparts chewiness, and the salep flour used is made of the early purple orchid.
If there's just a tiny bit of chewiness, it's ready to be drained.
We take the time to make pizza the right way, letting the dough rise slowly giving it a combination of chewiness and crunch that can't be beat.
Curnow's intelligence as a close reader of the word and number paintings is, however, unparalleled; what's more, the forensic kit adopted from Peckham, and an ongoing if sometimes peripheral in-sighting of Curnow's American encounters in the 1960s, give these readings a chewiness that some other texts included here lack.
Texture variables (hardness, adhesiveness, cohesiveness, gumminess, chewiness, and springiness) were calculated as described by Bourne (1978).
The oatmeal adds a novel texture to the dish, crunchy yet still with a little of the chewiness that oats possess.