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adj. chew·i·er, chew·i·est
Needing much chewing: chewy candy.

chew′i·ness n.


the condition of necessitating chewing or of being difficult to chew
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Patties of TPA values for springiness, gumminess (kg), cohesiveness, hardness (kg), and chewiness (kg) were determined using methods describe by Bourne [22].
As for the stir-fried beef, there was no chewiness and the meat was very tender.
Adlai is a healthy substitute for rice that has a pleasant texture, a unique chewiness to it.
Gelatin-based confectionary products melt gently in the mouth since it improves the chewiness (elasticity) of the end product.
Among them, tofu is perceived to be the most similar alternative for meat, and consequently, other soy food products like tempeh are also gaining popularity, due to its texture, chewiness, and sensory attributes.
Rich oak treatment provides extra layers of chewiness, grip, and flavour.
Peas provide the protein, trace amounts of beet lend the meaty red colour, coconut oil, and potato starch ensure mouth-watering juiciness and chewiness. Also, there is no soy, gluten and, no GMO, said Pelekanos.
Cohesiveness and chewiness attributes correlated negatively to moisture content.
They are sweet with a texture that combines the chewiness of their flesh, the smoothness of their skin, and the crunchiness of their seeds.
The dosa itself was crispy and light while still slightly chewiness inside.
The rice was wok-brown, fried to chewiness, full of fat prawns, tofu and nuggets of Chinese sausage.