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Qi Gong

also Qi·gong (chē′gông′, -gŏng′)
A Chinese system of prescribed physical exercises or movements performed in a meditative state.

[Mandarin qìgōng : , air, spirit, energy of life; see chi in Indo-European roots + gōng, skill (from Middle Chinese kəwŋ).]


(ˈtʃiːˈɡɒŋ) or

chi kung

(Alternative Belief Systems) a system of breathing and exercise designed to benefit both physical and mental health
[C20: from Chinese qi energy + gong exercise]
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The 38-year-old has been selfemployed for more than 18 years, teaching all types of fitness classes including pilates and Chi Gung; and has taught yoga in Coatbridge for nine years.
I also include things like 'rest,' 'do chi gung,' 'have a movie date,' or other fun/healthy/essential activities if stress over work is impacting everything else.
Gentle movement sessions are led by Macmillan trained volunteer instructors and can be done either seated or standing and include combined elements of Chi Gung and Tai Chi movement, breathing and mediation, improvement of physical wellbeing and reduce anxiety.
He explains Tang Soo Do, which incorporates Okinawan, Chinese and Korean influence, gives strength and confidence, teaching evasion and striking techniques alongside meditation and Chi Gung breathing techniques for health and wellbeing.
There will be more than 50 stalls and a range of activities such as chi gung, a brisk walk around the stadium, body MOTs and taster sessions for therapies such as head, shoulder and foot massage.
Johnson is a retired Tai Jai and Chi Gung instructor who interestingly was once employed by Francis Ford Coppola to teach Tai Jai to actors like Tom Cruise Rob Lowe and Matt Dillon on the set of The Outsiders.