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 (kī-ăz′mə) also chi·asm (kī′ăz′əm)
n. pl. chi·as·ma·ta (-mə-tə) or chi·as·mas also chi·asms
1. Anatomy A crossing or intersection of two tracts, as of nerves or ligaments.
2. Genetics The point of contact between paired chromatids during meiosis, resulting in a cross-shaped configuration and representing the cytological manifestation of crossing over.

[Greek khīasma, cross-piece, from khīazein, to mark with an X, from khei, khī, chi (from the letter's shape).]

chi·as′mal, chi·as′mic, chi′as·mat′ic (-măt′ĭk) adj.
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relating to the intersection of the optic nerve fibres at the bottom of the brainshowing or characterized by the development of chiasmata
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Adj.1.chiasmatic - of or relating to a chiasm
anatomy, general anatomy - the branch of morphology that deals with the structure of animals
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Cast as a multilingual conversation between God and Bayazid Ansari, The Best Exposition aims to imitate the Qur'an through a number of ways, including its rhetorical oaths, its use of rhyme schemes, its dialogic nature, its chiasmatic structures, and, most strikingly, its self-declared introduction of Pashto letters into the human capacity to write.
In adults, the differential diagnoses could include meningioma and pituitary adenoma with a suprasellar extension, while in children the list includes craniopharyngioma and hypothalamic chiasmatic glioma [9].
(14) There would be no being, no other, and no world without this four-dimensional chiasmatic structure that utterly defies the entire arsenal of archic and telic representations and their inevitable epochal stampings.
Use a brain spatula to lightly lift up the frontal lobe base to constantly absorb cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), so as to decrease the brain pressure; further explore the skull base to expose and open chiasmatic cistern, carotid artery cistern to further release CSF, resulting in the collapse of the brain tissue which will incline and leave the skull base under the action of its own gravity, which provides an effective operative space.
We routinely opened the chiasmatic and carotid cisterns before splitting the Sylvian fissure.
Strategies for treating ONA in critical or deep areas, such as chiasmatic and brainstem ONAs, include observation and combinations of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy.
As in the panels that deploy the goldsmith's tool--where the indents, while attempting to follow a strict geometrical schema as dictated by the shape of the support, end up as a sequence of wavering lines--in the works (figure 2b) consisting of horizontal lines that follow the impress of a ruler, the ostensibly deductive structure is subtly undermined by the chiasmatic tension between monochromaticism and linearity.
Subtle erosion and expansion of optic canal is better appreciated with CT, while MRI is better in showing intracanalicular, chiasmatic or retrochiasmatic tumour extension.
Meningiomas affecting the visual pathway originate from the basal meninges of tuberculum sellae, planum sphenoidale, chiasmatic sulcus and from diaphragma sellae.
The art illuminates the text, creating an art-prose chiasmatic interchange that ultimately conveys Chico's deep loneliness, within a space filled to the brim with life that teeters at the edge of a precipice threatening a vertiginous drop into nothingness.
Atmospherics pushes us decidedly away from the phenomenological opening between consciousness and thing; however, much intentionality (Husserl), ontotheology (Heidegger) or even chiasmatic flesh (Merleau-Ponty) has tried to bridge it.