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 (chē′chə-rō′nāz, -nĕs)
Fried pork rinds.

[American Spanish, plural of chicharrón, fried pork rind, from Spanish, piece of pork cracklings, of imitative origin.]
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Benestar, a Catalan word that translates as wellness or well-being, is an apt new platform name to represent a product like chicharrones.
The passing course of chili and lime chicharrones and Hasselbeck fingerling potatoes with chorizo starts at 5:30 before moving on to charred squid panzanella paired with 24 Carrot Coconut Zirconium (a golden sour).
Bukid, Papa Bear's chili oil, Tamago Chips, Eddy's old style chicharrones, Mango Grill Manila's Cheesy Cassava, the 64 percent Dark Chocolate by Halfsaints, Auro Chocolate Cacao from Davao, Daddy Mikk's Chili and Garlic Crunch, Buenlago Kitchen's Indie Sauce, cupcakes by Cake Shots, and Le Sucre Club's dream cake.
Eddy's Old Style chicharrones are perfect to eat as they are, but the Novotel chefs concocted concocted Sisig Paella and generously used the chicharrones for texture and flavor.
Our picks: the excellent house margarita ($5) and the chicken "chick"-arones, a play on traditional pork chicharrones that taste like the best chicken nuggets you've ever had.
Bukid's zero-sugar peanut butter; Pizza Bianco made with Mad Meats' smoked crispy pancetta; Prawn Tempura with a batter made crispier using Tamagochips; Seafood pizza with Che Che's Gourmet Tuyo; Sisig Paella with Eddy's Old Style Chicharrones; and Singaporean Chili Crab with Papa Bear's chili oil.
BRAISED PORCELET SHOULDER with ANCHO-GUAVA GLAZE and ROASTED SEMINOLE PUMPKIN For the brine: 2 liters water 140 grams salt 60 grams sugar 1 sweet onion, peeled and quartered 20 grams fresh oregano 2 limes, halved For the pork shoulder: 4 pounds porcelet shoulder, deboned Brine, from above 500 grams pork stock For the ancho-guava glaze: 4 ancho chilis, seeded and stemmed, roasted 6 garlic cloves, peeled 1000 grams water 400 grams guava jam 45 grams sherry vinegar 2 grams salt 2 grams black pepper, freshly ground For the pumpkin: 1 Seminole pumpkin, peeled and seeded 4 ounces butter, plus more if needed For the dish: 500 grams pork jus For the garnish: 1/2 cup crumbled chicharrones Coriander blooms FOR THE BRINE: In a medium pot, combine all ingredients and bring to a boil.