chicken Marengo

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Noun1.chicken Marengo - braised chicken with onions and mushrooms in a wine and tomato sauce
dish - a particular item of prepared food; "she prepared a special dish for dinner"
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Although I will never be a great chef, I enjoy reading cookery books specially if these contain bits of history, like Caterina de Medici inventing the fork, the nuns of Puebla concocting chiles enogada (tri-colored like the Mexican flag) in honor of General Vicente Guerrero, and chicken Marengo, a tribute to one of Napoleon's victories.
He wooed Ann with chicken marengo, olives, mandarins and red wine--"No man had ever cooked me a dinner from scratch before." Though Harvey was not at first very versatile in his dishes he graduated to venison without cherries in sauce made with cream, Dijon mustard and home-made crab-apple jelly.