chicken cacciatora

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Noun1.chicken cacciatora - chicken casserole prepared with tomatoes and mushrooms and herbs in the Italian style
chicken casserole - chicken cooked and served in a casserole
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Italian Seafood Stew, Ossobucco and Chicken Cacciatora plus a choice of sides including Braised Italian Beans with Smoky Beef Pancetta make up the mains.
[bar] Carluccio's, Mill Lane, Cardiff CF10 1FL, telephone 029 2023 2630 The Bill One antipasti plate for sharing pounds 11.95 Two tomato and mozzarella salads pounds 11 One lamb with peppers pounds 11.95 Two pork saltimbocca pounds 23.90 One chicken cacciatora pounds 11.75 Two pannacotta pounds 9.50 Two lemon ricotta pounds 9.50 Three large glasses of Sicilian red wine pounds 17.85 One orange juice pounds 2.30 Total: pounds 109.70 Less pounds 23.70 2 for 1 deal on main courses Final total: pounds 86 for four
Sally had a main course of classic chicken cacciatora, which should be warming with luscious big tomato flavours, but was merely all right.