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Noun1.chicken coop - a farm building for housing poultrychicken coop - a farm building for housing poultry
farm building - a building on a farm
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Pinocchio is caught by a Farmer, who uses him as a watchdog for his chicken coop
We went into the enchanted chicken coop, which was fixed mysterious with red cloth and pictures of hands with lines crossing 'em like a railroad centre.
One of the first things my husband did was build a chicken coop. Soon, we had a menagerie of chicken breeds.
Now, alongside staff, they spend each day caring for them - and are even building them a new chicken coop.
The chicken coop I built six years ago was small and stuffy, so on summer nights, I left the door open to let in a cool breeze.
It was a feat indeed for it took the might of three women to wrestle a 10-metre-long python which they finally captured at a chicken coop in Kampung Jelutong, near Padang Terap in the wee hours of the morning.
The experts at The Happy Chicken Coop, a resource for raising chickens and starting coops, says handymen and women can build homemade coops, but ready-made ones will cost a few hundred dollars.
Hampel has introduced its new Ultimate Chicken Coop (, which the company designed to be the coop that "does it all."
Summary: Electricite du Liban announced Thursday that it will take the "necessary measures" against a worker involved in establishing a chicken coop at EDL's Beirut headquarters after the incident ruffled feathers on social media.
Soon the children settle into the rhythm of farm life--riding Seed-Sack to the chicken coop to fetch eggs, the mule making frequent stops as the children slide off and on his back; racing with Grandma and Grandpa to the train tracks that cut the farm in two to catch the 11:58 as it chugs by, banging pots and pans and waving to the passengers; checking in on Tuftin's newborn kittens, "Them are working cats," Grandma and Grandpa warn, as the children want them as pets; bringing the cows home with Karmie the farm dog and stargazing in the evening after a tummy-filling meal, Grandpa and Grandma carrying the sleepyheads to bed.