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Noun1.chicken leg - the lower joint of the leg of a chickenchicken leg - the lower joint of the leg of a chicken
drumstick - the lower joint of the leg of a fowl
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At that time it seemed to me that I would have promised all that I expected to possess in the future to have gotten hold of one of those chicken legs or one of those pies.
10 on chicken leg piece to customers who say aACAyPakistan MurdabadaACAO.
According to the Customs bureau, the frozen chicken leg quarter came from USA in December 2014.
A chicken leg costs $2.57 in Egypt, $7.02 in the UAE, $4.93 in Saudi Arabia, and $5.39 in Qatar.
When cooking time is complete, test a chicken leg to see if the juices run clear, and if so, go ahead and serve with the rosemary potatoes and a small simple Greek salad, dressed at the last minute with drizzles of oil and vinegar.
Make 2-3 deep cuts on each chicken leg, then add to the bowl and coat well.
Using a sharp knife, cut deep slashes in each chicken leg, then put them all in a large baking tray or a roasting tin.
Burak Avcy, a vet said that we diagnosed that one of chicken leg was gangrene and we attached to it a prosthetic leg.
I wasn't being rude about the Deputy PM, I was simply trying to order a chicken leg!
* Chicken Teriyaki (chicken leg steak in a sticky sweet soy sauce)