chicken manure

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Noun1.chicken manure - chicken excreta used as fertilizer
manure - any animal or plant material used to fertilize land especially animal excreta usually with litter material
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The biogas plant will utilise chicken manure and other agricultural residues from MHP's poultry and grain operations.
But technology is progressing and Mr Morris said a 300kW plant he established is operating on 85% chicken manure, with the balance coming from cattle slurry.
A catalogue of cat repellents that I have used include pepper, special cat pellets, chilli powder, tea bags, coffee grounds, orange peel, chicken manure pellets, moth balls, plastic netting, carpet grippers and I have recently purchased a pair of ultrasonic repellant devices.
The manure was a mixed product of chicken manure, saw dust and ricc hulls, with the composition given in Table 4.
Then, each spring, a good feed with chicken manure or slow-release pellets will ensure they have supplementary feed for the summer display.
Following the traditional 3 to 1 ratio of brown to green, chicken manure and pine shavings seem to create that perfect ratio.
Poultry farmers traditionally use chicken manure as fertilizer to improve the conditions of their fields.
Chicken manure makes great fertilizer for your garden and it's free
While you are turning over the soil, mix in handfuls of solid feed, such as chicken manure or GrowMore fertiliser.
You can also add a fertilizer such as chicken manure, seaweed or a slow-release brand.
Feces feed: Chicken manure, pig manure and cow dung are quality fish feed.
Mineralization takes time, and it happens at a different rate depending on the source -- the nitrogen in chicken manure is mineralized more quickly than that in steer manure, for instance.