chicken mousse

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Noun1.chicken mousse - mousse made with chicken
mousse - a light creamy dish made from fish or meat and set with gelatin
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Menu highlights: The menu consists of classics such as a rack of lamb, pork fillet and chicken breast, but with other more unusual dishes such as lobster chicken, which is chicken breast filled with king prawns, chicken mousse, and lobster sauce.
Main course: Sweetbread and chicken mousse wrapped loin of Welsh lamb, braised rump topped with a mint and shallot granola butter roasted potato, aubergine puree with a red pepper and tomato fondue Dessert: Bramley apple and blackberry brioche pudding with a clotted cream and green tea mousse, apple sorbet and textures of honey.
Take the chicken mousse previously made and place it into a piping bag and then use this to fill the chicken breasts.
Julienne of carrots, courgettes and celeriac flavoured with honey and chilli, wrapped in a chicken mousse with cauliflower puree, wilted spinach, sweetcorn espuma and popcorn snow.
Tully presented a triangular chicken mousse with cauliflower puree ( there it appears again!), wilted spinach, sweet corn espuma ( foam in plain English) and popcorn snow, served wrapped around a cylinder of julienne of carrots, courgettes and celeriac flavoured with honey and chilli.
I always make a simple chicken mousse, or farce, which helps bond and hold all the stuffing together, preventing it ending up everywhere apart from inside the chicken breast.
After complimentary pre-starter shots of Melon and Mint, I opened with Smoked Corn-Fed Chicken Mousse and Duck Breast Pat, served with Rhubarb and Ginger Raisins.
Roasted quail is stuffed with truffle chicken mousse, garnished with cranberry marmalade and grilled parsnip, or there's braised quail, which is cooked in veal jus and served on a bed of warm Nicoise vegetables.
"Skate wings go with chicken, whether it's chicken mousse or anything," he contends, "and that was our little take on it.