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Noun1.chickenfeed - a trifling sum of money
cash, hard cash, hard currency - money in the form of bills or coins; "there is a desperate shortage of hard cash"
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He said: "[We] are talking chickenfeed here relative to the gains to the Treasury of not being in the EU.
He disappeared, along with the chickenfeed he had with him.
Other titles include Chickenfeed by Minette Walters, Prime Suspect by Lynda La Plante, The Moaning of Life by Karl Pilkington and The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce.
Forty million dollars, however, is not chickenfeed, and this is the estimated loss to Finnish paper producer Stora Enso who suddenly last month announced the sale of its Uetersen specialty paper mill to Austria's Brigl & Bergmeister (B&B).
But lets face it the [euro]10million recovered is just chickenfeed compared to the tens of billions of euro that the banking crash cost the Irish people.
She recounts how her career has progressed from serving airline passengers to managing risk in financial services--via HGVs and chickenfeed
As a lawyer acquaintance--wait, that's from another movie--stated so elegantly in an email I've decided to sanitize: "All I can say is, you pay a chickenfeed salary, you get chicken-feed employees.
Smaller species can be produced in huge numbers to turn into animal feed, especially fishmeal and chickenfeed.
But to the European Central Bank which oversees the currency it is seriously chickenfeed.
Men who stayed out late socialising and had to get home quickly told companions it was because, otherwise "I'll be chickenfeed.
Price of chickenfeed has gone up in the international market because of climatic upheavals in the United States, South America and the Black Sea area," the official said.
That's not chickenfeed, though much of the menhaden harvest goes into that product.