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In vitro regeneration of Turkish dwarf chickling (Lathyrus cicera L) using immature zygotic embryo explant.
with what chickling relish would he describe the descent upon some rich Spanish colony; the rifling of a church; the sacking of a convent
Root extract from cowpea, safflower and chickling pea also, highly reduced wild barley root growth.
Root extracts of mung bean, sugar beet, chickling pea, alfalfa and sunflower showed the highest inhibitory effect on root growth of wheat.
Among the grain legumes, grasspea, also known as chickling vetch, and lentil have been noted for their tolerance to dry conditions and adaptability to difficult environments (Nygaard and Hawtin, 1981; Biederbeck et al.
Chickling vetch, a dietary staple in some areas of southern Asia and Africa, contains a neurotoxic protein that, with chronic consumption, causes limb paralysis.
Biederbeck (1988) grew four annual legumes [black lentil (Lens culinaris), fieldpea (Pisum sativum), Tangier flatpea (Lathyrus tingitanus), and chickling vetch (Lathyrus sativus)] as green manure crops and followed them with spring wheat.
Previously, the team linked an amino acid in chickling peas (which are consumed in Africa and Asia, especially during famines) to a related neurological disorder called lathyrism.
Table47, China's Monthly Price of Chickling Broiler by Provinces in 2008
However, variable callus and shoot induction from pulse treated longitudinally sliced cotyledonary node of dwarf chickling were reported by Saglam (2012).
Excess of vitamin E in diet from natural source of germ of cereal grains and seeds (wheat, barley, oat, red bean, white bean, alfalfa, clover, corn, pea, lentil, chickling, vetch) of cocks led to an increased level of a-tocopherol concentration in the semen samples, which in turn, exerted a negative association with semen parameters such as density, total spermatozoa and morphology.
Trypsin inhibitor activity of legume seeds (peas, chickling vetch, lentils and soya beans) as affected by the technique of harvest.