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adj. chic·er, chic·est
1. Conforming to the current fashion; stylish: chic clothes; a chic boutique.
2. Adopting or setting current fashions and styles; sophisticated: chic, well-dressed young executives. See Synonyms at fashionable.
1. The quality or state of being stylish; fashionableness.
2. Sophistication in dress and manner; elegance.

[French, probably from German Schick, skill, fitness, elegance, from Middle High German (sich) schicken, to outfit (oneself), fit in.]

chic′ly adv.
chic′ness n.


(Clothing & Fashion) the condition of being stylish or elegant
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Noun1.chicness - elegance by virtue of being fashionablechicness - elegance by virtue of being fashionable
elegance - a refined quality of gracefulness and good taste; "she conveys an aura of elegance and gentility"
dapperness, jauntiness, nattiness, rakishness - stylishness as evidenced by a smart appearance
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THE colour grey is certainly a shade of the moment, one that exudes an air of chicness, coolness and sophistication.
How funny, though, that this man who is a total legend--who is equated to chicness and Parisian-ness--would be someone who was absolutely playing with this line between good and bad taste.
Korean education system is similar to Chicness in some ways.
It is so declasse to be drinking a bottle of sangria while sitting along the runways at New York's Fashion Week, but sipping it from a 250-ml slim line can connotes an aura of exclusivity and chicness.
This divisiveness is seen in the fact that despite the championing of empowered women, a gap still opens up between Western women, whose lifestyle and chicness the magazine ads implicitly suggest and celebrate, and the Chinese women readers trying to emulate them and catch up.
For men, the George Chukka fuses waterproof durability and runway chicness.
Although it is based on the 208, it is longer and, while you get the neatness and chicness of the 208, this big brother manages to create a much more roomy cabin.
Chicness is in the details, and these monk strap shoes really show his commitment to style.
Experiment with dreamy splatterings in a kaleidoscope of colors or go for bold, geometric designs that play up the chicness of negative space.
The clothes were called "extraordinarily lavish" with "insouciant throwaway chicness.
Place them in any room doorway to emphasize chicness.
Laid out in seemingly alternating stripes of chicness and tranquility, sprawling boutique hotels stand sentinel over olive groves and golden wheat fields.