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adj. chic·er, chic·est
1. Conforming to the current fashion; stylish: chic clothes; a chic boutique.
2. Adopting or setting current fashions and styles; sophisticated: chic, well-dressed young executives. See Synonyms at fashionable.
1. The quality or state of being stylish; fashionableness.
2. Sophistication in dress and manner; elegance.

[French, probably from German Schick, skill, fitness, elegance, from Middle High German (sich) schicken, to outfit (oneself), fit in.]

chic′ly adv.
chic′ness n.
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(Clothing & Fashion) the condition of being stylish or elegant
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Noun1.chicness - elegance by virtue of being fashionablechicness - elegance by virtue of being fashionable
elegance - a refined quality of gracefulness and good taste; "she conveys an aura of elegance and gentility"
dapperness, jauntiness, nattiness, rakishness - stylishness as evidenced by a smart appearance
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The Maddy Linen Lounge Chaise will add chicness and elegance to your new home.
Similarly, corporate reputation is also found as a grouping of personalities; a company can have up to seven types of human-like traits such as agreeableness, chicness, and ruthlessness (Chun, Da Silva, Davies, and Roper, 2005).
"There's a chicness to those images that people really respond to."
I find them the epitome of chicness, sexiness, and comfort all at once.
The overall statement is relaxed chicness in a variety of prints.
Line E, the smaller two-bedroom condos, overlook the neighboring docks in Red Hook, which may not be the most awe-inspiring view but it certainly provides the gritty, industrial chicness that Brooklyn has so intertwined itself with.
The house really takes your breath away."<br />She said the seller invested a lot of money in the property with the intention of staying there a long time, but they eventually moved to renovate another home.<br />"There was a shabby chicness to it that's really cool," she said.
To quote: "The food, the accent, the je ne sais quoi of the women with their inherent chicness -- I sigh un petit peu just typing this."
The benefits of using L-glutamic acid were reported by Sun & Hong (2010) on in vitro organogenesis of Leymus chicness, and by Lei et al., (2015) who stated that the Poli (y-glutamic acid) obtained by fermentation, promoted tolerance to abiotic stresses.
Later in the book, Nelson recounts an academic showdown between feminist theorist Jane Gallop with her "endearing style" and feather earrings and art historian Rosalind Krauss in her silk-scarf chicness. Those gathered look at images of photographs of Gallop with her son, in the bathtub and lounging naked, and a tug-of-war over the appropriate use of Roland Barthes ensues.
THE colour grey is certainly a shade of the moment, one that exudes an air of chicness, coolness and sophistication.
How funny, though, that this man who is a total legend--who is equated to chicness and Parisian-ness--would be someone who was absolutely playing with this line between good and bad taste.