chief master sergeant

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chief master sergeant

1. A noncommissioned rank in the US Air Force that is above senior master sergeant.
2. One who holds this rank.

chief′ mas′ter ser′geant

the highest noncommissioned officer rank in the U.S. Air Force.
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Major General James Martin, and Chief Master Sergeant John Writer are both set to retire in the coming months after serving long and illustrious FM careers.
Airman: With everything that you've learned during your tenure as the chief master sergeant of the Air Force, looking back, what would you tell yourself prior to taking the position?
But, by emblazoning the story of Chief Master Sergeant Dick Etchberger into our hearts once again--a story that will now be properly celebrated for all time--we are one step closer to a debt repaid.
Below is the rejection letter for "Of Monuments and Memories of Our Patriots," from Captain Waheibi, signed by the 3rd highest ranking person on base, First Shirt Chief Master Sergeant Morris.
JUST a quick note to something you have probably already been made aware of--the insignia used to illustrate the Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force on page 23 of the Soldiers Almanac is incorrect.
I am pleased to call your attention to the fact that we have, in addition to a strong group of officers retired from the active duty force, a young major still serving (as far as I'm concerned, anyone still serving is young), retirees from both the Air Force Reserve and the Air National Guard, a retired Chief Master Sergeant (Executive Director of the Air Force Sergeants Association), and a retired civil servant (the editor of our magazine).
E-9 Chief Master Sergeant Sergeant Major of the Army
One of my former students--an active duty military member--in very short order completed his master's degree, attained his CPP, was elected chairman of the largest ASIS chapter, and was selected for promotion to chief master sergeant.
Without her, I couldn't have made it through,'' the former chief master sergeant said.
Air Force veteran who retired with the rank of chief master sergeant.
BMC president Don Macaulay had some warm praise for Chief Master Sergeant Robert Flores, who is retiring from a 22-year Air Force career on September 30, 2002.

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