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1. One who is highest in rank or authority; a leader.
a. A chief petty officer.
b. Nautical The chief engineer of a ship.
3. Slang A supervisor; a boss.
4. Heraldry The upper section of a shield.
1. Highest in rank, authority, or office: the chief scientist in the lab.
2. Most important or influential: the chief ingredients in the stew. See Usage Note at absolute.

[Middle English chef, from Old French, from Latin caput, head; see kaput- in Indo-European roots.]

chief′dom n.
chief′ship′ n.
Synonyms: chief, foremost, leading1, main, primary, prime, principal
These adjectives refer to what is first in rank, importance, or influence: his chief concern; the foremost scholar in her field; the leading cause of heart disease; the main building on campus; the primary purpose of the legislation; a prime example of wasteful spending; the principal figures in the plot.
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1. (Anthropology & Ethnology) a graded social group led by a chief whose position the chief usually accedes to
2. (Anthropology & Ethnology) the region ruled by a chief
3. the office or position of a chief
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True talk, the chiefdom of Alavanyo rose up against that of Nkonya to decide which chiefdom has women with flat behinds, and because of a guinea fowl which was denied visa to Burkina, the chiefdom of Konkonba rose up against that of Nanumba and did battle over who should eat the left leg and head of that poor guinea fowl who was doing new passport to apply for visa under a new name.
Also speaking, the traditional ruler of Bata Chiefdom of Demsa, Mr Gladson Teneke, directed all wards, village and district heads in the chiefdom to ensure adequate mobilisation of their communities for a successful exercise.
'I am so pleased that this development is happening in my chiefdom, for which agriculture is the main occupation.
Khartoum, June9 (SUNA) - Mayor of AL- Ajaira Chiefdom Musalam Mustafa khatim has called for resumption of talks between different Sudanese elements to resolve the crisis that the country faces
Following the recent discovery of the deadly Marburg Virus in the Country, the Ministry of Health and Sanitation under the 1 Health Platform, which consists of Environment Protection Agency, Office of National Security, and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, has concluded a 7 day District and Chiefdom stakeholders engagements in Koinadugu, Kono and Moyamba Districts last Wednesday.
Kosovo, Safar 07, 1440, October 16, 2018, SPA -- The Islamic Chiefdom in Republic of Kosovo has announced its full solidarity with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia against whoever tries to undermine its position and regional status, stressing its absolute rejection of all attempts that would harm the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's key roles in achieving regional security and peace and its Islamic and international reputation .
To inform efforts to strengthen surveillance, stillbirths and deaths in children aged <5 years from multiple surveillance streams in Bombali Sebora chiefdom were retrospectively reviewed.
In contrast, Moshoeshoe's brother Posholi was ultimately excommunicated from Moshoeshoe's chiefdom and labelled a 'brigand' rather than a chief.
They include renovations in of Al-Azhar Mosque and its monumental chiefdom, the construction of building to broadcast AL-Azhar satellite channel and the development of Al-Azhar institutes, and printing house.
The bank opened the new branch in Lunsar town, Marampa Chiefdom in the Northern Province.
His parents and other family members in the Njaluahun tribal chiefdom have been placed in quarantine, the ministry said.
He points out that the typical proposal in sociological studies of the Hebrew Bible that Israel progressed from tribe to chiefdom to state is not necessarily the definitive model (pp.