chiffon cake

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Noun1.chiffon cake - very light cake
cake - baked goods made from or based on a mixture of flour, sugar, eggs, and fat
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Available from Valentine's Day until March 31, Max's Corner Bakery's Velvet Heart Cakes come in Red Velvet Classic, a classic red velvet butter cake frosted with sweet vanilla cream cheese, topped with whipped cream rosettes and white chocolate curls; White Velvet Cake, a light and fluffy vanilla chiffon cake iced with cream cheese frosting, chocolate shavings and drizzled round chocolate toppings; and Black Velvet Cake, a moist chocolate fudge cake frosted with creamy vanilla cheese and covered with black velvet crumbs with dark chocolate curls toppings.
A chocolate chiffon cake oozing with milk chocolate goodness from its chocolate filling to its toppings.
Baqer Mohebi says chiffon cake can be baked into sheet cakes and cupcakes and dressed with icings, candies and other decorations.
The seminar will have an actual demo, food tasting and hands-on experience on how to make French macarons, churros, eclair, fruit tart, caramel cake, lemon square bar, revel bar, chocolate oatmeal cookies, chiffon cake, butter cake, mocha cake, custard cake, brazo de mercedez, carrot cake, food for the gods, sans rival, pan de sal, cheese bread, donut, chicken pie, egg pie, dinner roll, pan de coco, Spanish bread, garlic bread, pizza crust, baked cheese cake blueberry and New York cheese cake.
During the Baking 102, the participants learned the process of baking Moist Cake, Chiffon Cake, Pastel Rolls, Singaporean Bread, Monay Special and Butter Cake.
1 OPHELIA'S ON THE BAY'S vanilla chiffon cake with lemon meringue mousse ($8) is a light-as-a-cloud lemony dream.
These are seasoned with her travel experiences and include such intriguing dishes (with prefacing notes and lively insights) as Livingstone's Orange Chiffon Cake, a Moroccan-based Chicken Tagine with Dates, and a take-off on traditional Irish soda bread in Soda Bread with Buck Rarebit.
The couple's wedding cake was created by Island Sweet Stuff and featured three round tiers of vanilla chiffon cake with vanilla buttercream and ivory fondant ruffles.
This spring the company added three new scents: Lemon Verbena, Chiffon cake and Mountain Springs.
Kwan's book eats its chiffon cake and has it too, simultaneously tut-tutting many of its characters for their vapid materialism while reveling in the milieu's sybaritic excess.
She was a great cook and avid baker of goodies, especially her chocolate chiffon cake, lemon meringue pie, cherry wink cookies and cream puffs.