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 (shĭf′ə-rōb′, shĭf′rōb′)
n. Chiefly Southern US
A tall piece of furniture typically having drawers on one side and space for hanging clothes on the other.


(Furniture) an article of furniture that comprises a chest of drawers and a wardrobe


(ˈʃɪf əˌroʊb, ˈʃɪfˌroʊb)

a piece of furniture having both drawers and space for hanging clothes.
[1905–10, Amer.; chiffo (nier) + (ward) robe]
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She had two trunks and a few suitcases, sure, but also her fine china, silverware, a lowboy, a chifforobe, some tin cutout paintings of devils done by an outsider artist named R.
Her favorite, "Anatevka," she blasts while cooking dinner or dusting the chifforobe. The great tenor's voice floods the apartment, masking Galena's silences.
lumbar, triceps, like a chifforobe hauled up a back staircase,
The well-maintained bed, "chifforobe," washstand, table, and chairs that comprise the room's modest furnishings are complemented by a few family pictures, a "photocollage of Fredrick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, and Booker T.
Everything about this small yet vigorous woman mesmerizes her granddaughter, from her "symbols of power" (herb-filled jars, monstrous chifforobe locked with golden key, silver crucifix, and bible) to the authoritative command of her words.
Fulton was dozing in the chair over by the chifforobe. He was like a dog dreaming about chasing rabbits, starting and snorting every so often still wrapped in his dream.
The initial Pamela Scurry Collection will include a crib, three-drawer chest with optional changing top and chifforobe. It will be available in Babies "R" Us stores across the country next month...
Tom started to leave, but Mayella asked him to take a box down from a high chifforobe. He reached for it, and the next thing he knew "she'd grabbed me round the legs, grabbed me round th' legs" (p.
But whether it's a computer workstation or a wide-screen TV cabinet, it's definitely not your grandfather's chifforobe anymore.
The stately Woodberry Collection adds a bedroom grouping that includes a blanket chest, nightstand, mirror, dresser, bed, chifforobe and armoire in a planked-cherry finish.
Offered in white pine, specific pieces include an oversized chifforobe, chest, nightstand, bookcase, headboard, hutch for desk and a single dresser.
Constructed from solid pine, the transitionally designed grouping will feature a five-drawer dresser, chifforobe, three-drawer chest and nightstands.