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A Mexican dish made of pieces of fried tortilla cooked under layers of a usually tomato-based sauce and cheese, often served at breakfast with eggs and refried beans.

[Mexican Spanish, from Nahuatl chīlāquilitl, greens cooked in chili broth : chīlātl, chilli broth (chīlli, chīl-, chilli + ātl, ā-, water; see axolotl) + quilitl, greens, leafy vegetables.]
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Priced at AED149 per person, the culinary team will serve a variety of authentic offerings including a chilaquiles, live quesadilla and fajita station, tostadas, guacamole, tacos al pastor and much more accompanied by appetizing condiments.
weekends offering favorites like chilaquiles, seasonal sandwiches and Nutella French toast well as innovative turns such as quinoa porridge with egg whites, pistachio, roasted vegetables, goat cheese and brown sugar and the robust Middle Eastern egg and tomato dish Shakshouka.
The restaurant will serve organic egg-based tacos, burritos and chilaquiles for breakfast, in addition to lunch and dinner.
His current obsession: the green chilaquiles tacos on housemade corn tortillas from Granny's Tacos on the East Side.
Share the generous seafood cocktail ($22) and cast-iron chilaquiles ($27) while taking in the views.
These include Chilaquiles Rojos Tazajo with beef tenderloin, chili sauce, black beans puree, egg and fresh cheese.
If she makes chilaquiles (tortillas in a sauce), I'll eat that, or it might be torta de jamon (ham sandwich) or taco de chorizo (sausage taco), or sopa (soup).
To get an authentic taste of Mexico, sample dishes like enchiladas, stuffed chili peppers, tamales, chilaquiles and mole.
"Nos daban chilaquiles con una especie de tortillas remojadas en algo que parecia salsa de tomate, crema, queso y muy poco pollo.
We were urged to try breakfast dishes that aren't found anywhere else on the island such as Huevos a la Mexicana (Mexican-style eggs with the beans and beef bacon) and Chilaquiles con Huevo (a crispy tortilla dish with Guajillo sauce and eggs).
Mucha gente salio de su casa en piyama, poniendose las sandalias o cargando el plato de chilaquiles. Alguien describio a un hombre parado en una esquina, envuelto en una toalla, enjabonado y hablando por celular.
Pese a que a veces extrana estar con la gente que quiere o unos buenos chilaquiles, es mas lo que ha ganado: "Conocer lugares extraordinarios, pero es una fortuna cuando uno hace las cosas que le gustan y le apasionan", dice resuelto.