child abuse

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child abuse

(Social Welfare) physical, sexual, or emotional ill-treatment or neglect of a child, esp by those responsible for its welfare. See also nonaccidental injury

child′ abuse`

beating, neglect, or other mistreatment of a child by a parent or guardian.
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Noun1.child abuse - the physical or emotional or sexual mistreatment of childrenchild abuse - the physical or emotional or sexual mistreatment of children
abuse, ill-treatment, ill-usage, maltreatment - cruel or inhumane treatment; "the child showed signs of physical abuse"
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A new report shows Nairobi has the highest rates of child abuse in the country.According to the report from Childline Kenya, Nairobi had 52 victims of child abuse in 2018.Kiambu and Bungoma recorded the second and third highest rates with 23 and 19 cases respectively.
ISLAMABAD -- The Child Protection Advisory Board would soon launch an awareness campaign to prevent curse of child abuse among parents and teachers, said an official Ministry of Human Rights here on Tuesday.
KARACHI -- There are only four child psychiatrists across Pakistan and it's time for the government to seriously look at the increasing number of child abuse cases in the Pakistan, urged child rights activists.
LAHORE -- Two days after the police announced launching a special drive against child abuse in collaboration with the Child Protection and Welfare Bureau (CPWB), a walk was held at Lalik Chowk, DHA, on Friday to create awareness about the issue.
ISLAMABAD -- President Arif Alvi has stressed for fighting the scourge of child abuse at all levels.
A number of child abuse cases were reported in various cities of the province in recent months, but the policy draft had never been on the priority list of the Punjab government, whether former or incumbent, the sources said.
Amid a growing number of reported child abuse cases at daycare centers, discussions about how to solve the long-running problems are drawing mixed responses, ranging from stronger punishment of abusers to better labor conditions for carers.
Nearly half of prisoners in Canada have experienced child abuse, according to a study published in March.
Not only is it National Child Abuse Awareness Month, but one week of the month has been named "Week of the Young Child." Southeastern Illinois College helped raise awareness of these causes.
In this context, the dilemma with estimation and management of effects of abuse and other traumatic incidents among adolescents in Pakistan is critical to the lack of awareness about chronicity of child abuse. According to a study, reported cases of sexual abuse in children for 2012 were 2778 followed by 3002 in 2013.2 No figures are available for other forms of recognised abuse, such as physical and emotional abuse, and emotional neglect.
Child abuse is one of most heinous crimes our society is faced with.
I S L A M A B A D -- Ministry of Human Rights has started an awareness campaign to prevent child abuse .

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