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Noun1.child support - court-ordered support paid by one spouse to the other who has custody of the children after the parents are separated
support payment - a payment made by one person for the support of another
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Yet, the number of fathers who report paying child support is similar to the number of mothers who report receiving child support; both close to 1 million.
Many mothers did not feel withholding visitation from fathers because they had not paid child support was the right thing to do.
Enlist the help of a state agency such as the Office of Child Support Enforcement (New York residents) to track a deadbeat parent.
Although there has been steady improvement in the amount of child support collected--that is, money paid by the absent parent to the custodial parent for the support of their children--the amount that is due continues to be much greater than the amount received.
The program--which debuted as a two-county pilot program in 1990 and currently operates in more than half of Wisconsin's seventy-two counties--is supposed to help dads who don't live at home find jobs so that they can pay their child support.
Thus, there were 54 different systems for deciding who was eligible for child support, for setting child-support awards, and for enforcing those awards.
th] anniversary of the federal Child Support Enforcement Program by recognizing Pennsylvania ranking first in the nation in child support enforcement collection, according to federal standards.
The State of Kansas is issuing this Request for Proposal to obtain competitive responses from bidders to provide Call Center Services, per the attached specifications, for the Department for Children and Families, Child Support Services.
The duty to pay child support is based on a parent's obligation, under the old common law, to provide his or her child with the "necessities of life.
Projecting that her dad would spend $800 on her if she never visited her mom, the judge orders her mom to pay half of $800 in child support.
Last summer, the North Carolina General Assembly adopted a bill transferring child support enforcement from state operations to management by the state's counties.
The child support program has a clear mission: to ensure that the financial, medical and emotional needs of children are met by their parents.

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