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Noun1.child welfare agency - an administrative unit responsible for social work concerned with the welfare and vocational training of children
administrative body, administrative unit - a unit with administrative responsibilities
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But the shocking statistic revealed to us by the Children's Rights Alliance that only around one in 200 childminders are registered with the child welfare agency Tusla, is truly damning.
Both Ends Burning and Tyler recently visited Honduras and had the opportunity to meet Abogada Lolis Mara Salas Montes, executive director of DINAF, a government-run child welfare agency, as well as representatives from criminal justice departments, family adoption agencies, international abduction organizations, and public policy and municipal programs representing all regions of the country.
Every child welfare agency openly declares its commitment to teamwork.
House lawmakers on Monday voted to streamline how courts work with the state's child welfare agency to protect abused and neglected kids - and laid out concrete reasons children can be removed from their homes.
Dawn Thompson is a writer, a speaker, an ordained minister, and currently works at a child welfare agency helping children throughout the world.
According to reports, Pitt had been drinking at the time of the incident and several media outlets, using anonymous sources, have reported that the Ocean's Eleven star is under investigation by a child welfare agency after allegedly clashing with one of his children, reportedly his adopted 15-year-old son, Maddox.
The daughter has again been taken into custody by a child welfare agency.
Silver, a former social worker and program manager, has talked with and here shares stories of young mothers in a Supervised Independent Living (SIL) program funded by Child and Youth Services, the local child welfare agency.
BOSTON -- Employees of the state's child welfare agency suffer from low morale, heavy caseloads and poor working conditions, according to a report based on a confidential survey of more than 1,500 agency workers.
The chiefs have been, unabashedly, taking the biscuits out of the mouths of their most vulnerable people, charging $500 each as board members to lead their own cash-strapped child welfare agency.
Spaulding for Children is a non-profit child welfare agency that assures that all children grow up in safe, permanent families and have the help they need to be successful in life.
In 2005, the Children's Bureau (CB) published a funding opportunity announcement: 'Training of Child Welfare Agency Supervisors in the Effective Delivery and Management of Federal Independent Living Services for Youth in Foster Care'.

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