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But it was not until Byron published his first long poem, called Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, that he became famous.
Childe is used in the ancient sense of knight, and the poem tells of the wanderings of a gloomy, vicious, world-worn man.
These are a few verses from one of the best known parts of Childe Harold.
Like his own Childe Harold, "With pleasure drugg'd he almost long'd for woe.
Childe Harold not unfrequently perches himself upon the mast-head of some luckless disappointed whale-ship, and in moody phrase ejaculates: -- Roll on, thou deep and dark blue ocean, roll
And the fancy made him smile--of Childe Roland bearing a slug-horn to his lips with an arm as feeble as his was.
In addition to color plates of the art, it contains seven essays on the gardens of artist Anna Lea Merritt and her fellow artist-gardeners, the American garden movement as a response to the Industrial Revolution and the English Arts and Crafts movement, the collaboration of Celia Laighton Thaxter and Childe Hassam on In the Garden (Celia Thaxter in Her Garden), nativism in impressionist gardens, chromolithography, depictions of urban parks, and female landscape architects.
He admitted assaulting Mikayla Childe at her Skelmanthorpe home on October 20.
Arranged roughly chronologically by artists' birth date, color plates feature the works of 41 artists focusing on Long Island and other East coast landscapes including Thomas Doughty, Samuel Colman, Frederick Childe Hassam, Edith Mitchell Prellwitz, Anna May Robertson (Grandma Moses), and Jennifer Bartlett.
Marking the 200th anniversary of Lord Byron's ventures, Everett follows his path through Spain, Greece, Albania, Turkey, Italy and Switzerland in an effort to piece together a picture of the legend who crafted such works as Don Juan and Childe Harold's Pilgrimage.
Childe Pemberton's life of The Earl-Bishop has long been very difficult to obtain, but we can now look forward with the liveliest anticipation to reading The Mitred Earl just published by Mr.