children of Israel

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chil′dren of Is′rael
the Hebrews; Jews.
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Joshua, and another person, were the two spies who were sent into this land of Canaan by the children of Israel to report upon its character--I mean they were the spies who reported favorably.
Joshua reported favorably, and the children of Israel journeyed on, with Moses at the head of the general government, and Joshua in command of the army of six hundred thousand fighting men.
"He sang the creation of the world, the origin of man, and all the history of Genesis; and made many verses on the departure of the children of Israel out of Egypt, and their entering into the land of promise, with many other histories from holy writ."
I had always sympathized with the "Children of Israel," in their task of "making bricks without straw," but ours was the task of making bricks with no money and no experience.
Where now are the Philistines, who so often held the children of Israel in bondage?
But, sir, though it were more so than is even possible to you, yet there may be some among you that are not equally right in their actions: and you know that in the story of the children of Israel, one Achan in the camp removed God's blessing from them, and turned His hand so against them, that six-and-thirty of them, though not concerned in the crime, were the objects of divine vengeance, and bore the weight of that punishment."
This called Lizzie away for the time, and left the Secretary and Bella standing rather awkwardly in the small street; Mrs Milvey being engaged in pursuing the village children, and her investigations whether they were in danger of becoming children of Israel; and the Reverend Frank being engaged--to say the truth--in evading that branch of his spiritual functions, and getting out of sight surreptitiously.
On Sunday, the United Children of Israel, a non-government organization advocating migrants' rights, said a Filipino migrant worker and her 13-year-old son are facing expulsion after a court ruled against her plea to allow her to stay.
27 That ye shall say, It is the sacrifice of the LORD's passover, who passed over the houses of the children of Israel in Egypt, when he smote the Egyptians, and delivered our houses.
The Bible stories deal with the adult life of Moses as he leads the children of Israel from slavery in Egypt to the promised land of Canaan.
As it says in Exodus 13, "Sanctify to Me all the firstborn, whatever opens the womb among the children of Israel, both of man and of animal, it is Mine." However, not all Jewish mothers are like the biblical Hannah, who willingly handed over her son Samuel to the high priest, Eli.

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