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n. Christianity
The doctrine stating that Jesus will reign on earth for 1,000 years.

[New Latin chīliasmus, from Late Latin chīlias, chiliad; see chiliad.]

chil′i·ast′ (-ăst′, -əst) n.
chil′i·as′tic adj.
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Noun1.chiliast - a person who believes in the coming of the millennium (a time of great peace and prosperity)chiliast - a person who believes in the coming of the millennium (a time of great peace and prosperity)
optimist - a person disposed to take a favorable view of things
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In a chapter of La Fable mystique (1982) entitled "Labadie le nomade," historian Michel de Certeau comments: "L'histoire de Labadie, c'est l'espace indefini cree par l'impossibilite d'un lieu." Not only did Jean de Labadie (1610-74)--a defrocked, charismatic French Jesuit--constantly move from place to place through France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark where he died--and his followers moved back to the Netherlands and finally to America--but he tried on a number of religious identities, Jesuit, Jansenist, Calvinist, Pietist, Chiliast or Millenarian, and finally 'Labadist'.
Fall, Republican of New Mexico, grandson of a leader of the Campbellite movement and much influenced by that movement's theology, referred to the League as "Chiliast," as a crime against Christian civilization in that it tried to generate the millennium through secular action.
Without doubt the chiliast enthusiasm which swept the radical sectors of Hussitism had strong appeal.
Rather the presbyter-author of 2 John is insisting on a chiliast position: Jesus Christ will come again in the flesh to establish a messianic reign on earth.
Unquestionably, the chiliast and Paracelsian Tobias Hess from Nuremberg (1568-1614), who probably befriended Andreae in 1608, made a decisive contribution in this regard.(24) Though he had studied law, Hess turned to medicine and attempted a synthesis of Paracelsus and the apocalyptic-chiliasm of Simon Studion (1543-1604) with Lutheranism.
Hut's doctrine did not employ the theme of a World Sabbath or an eternal sabbath; nor was Hut a chiliast in a precise sense--that is, expecting an earthly, thousand-year kingdom, according to Revelation 20.
was a Christian chiliast rather than a Jewish ideal." (107) Along the same lines, Matar has pointed out that seventeenth-century Jews were not armed and that they had more cause to dislike Christians than they did Muslims.
Even in Justin the chiliast the fruitful `barren one' of Isa.