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adj. chill·i·er, chill·i·est
1. Cool or cold enough to cause discomfort. See Synonyms at cold.
2. Feeling cold, often to the point of shivering.
3. Unenthusiastic: The movie opened to a chilly reception from the critics.
4. Distant and cool; unfriendly: a chilly look.

chill′i·ly adv.
chill′i·ness n.


in a cold manner
References in classic literature ?
The studious young ladies at Alton College, elbows on desk and hands over ears, shuddered chillily in fur tippets whilst they loaded their memories with the statements of writers on moral science, or, like men who swim upon corks, reasoned out mathematical problems upon postulates.
Indeed, chillily, with its act this hierarchy doesn't appear even to be much pushed about this evil phenomenon enfeebling and emasculating the polity to its very roots.
Dan Mindel's chillily grungy cinematography flatters no one in aspiring for brittle realism, but it can also be annoying to sit through.