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 (chə-mîr′, shə-)
A loose sleeveless robe worn especially by Anglican bishops.

[Middle English chimer, perhaps from Anglo-Latin chimēra; probably akin to Spanish chamarra, zamarra, type of garment, of Basque origin.]


(tʃɪˈmɪə; ʃɪ-) ,




(Anglicanism) Anglican Church a sleeveless red or black gown, part of a bishop's formal dress though not a vestment
[C14: perhaps from Medieval Latin chimēra (see chimera) and related to Spanish zamarra sheepskin coat]


(tʃɪˈmɪər, ʃɪ-)

also chim•er

(ˈtʃɪm ər, ˈʃɪm-)

a loose sleeveless upper robe, as of a bishop.
[1325–75; Middle English chemer, chymere < Anglo-Latin chimēra, of uncertain orig.]
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A partir de ce schema Carlo Severi, auteur de << Le principe de la chimere. Une anthropologie de la memoire >>, se place au milieu d'un debat plus large, qui est propre a la tradition anthropologique depuis le XIXeme siecle, lequel lui permet de questionner l'opposition radicale definissant les societes comme de tradition exclusivement orale ou de tradition exclusivement ecrite.
20, 2016 and welcomed their first child together, son Shaffer Chimere Smith&nbsp;Jr., in March 2016.
In the body of the study, Munro explores a range of Haitian novelistic and cinematic works in which he discerns a response to this endemic apocalypse: revisitations of the repressive terrors of the Duvalier epoch, parodies and allegories of the failures of Jean-Bertrand Aristide's populist regime, the figure of the chimere as an incarnation of the "Haitian anti-hero," and the search for spiritual regeneration away from the city in the rural areas.
To provide an estimate of uncertainty, these projections were produced for two different suites of regional climate/ pollen models (henceforth, CHIMERE and WRF/RegCM; Hamaoui-Laguel et al.
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O'Connell, Principal - Mark Sheridan Math and Science Academy; Mentor Award, Chimere Bias, Director of the Out of School Time Programs and the Open Book Program at the Institute for Positive Living and the Youth Engagement Award, East Village Youth Program in Chicago.
Dr Ghedira is part of the research team that is the first to use the advanced chemistry-transport model called CHIMERE over the Middle East to simulate dust concentrations across the region.
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