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A sauce made of chopped fresh parsley seasoned with garlic, pepper, and herbs and bound with oil and vinegar.

[Argentinian and Uruguayan Spanish, of unknown origin.]
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I had also ordered Portobello alumettes (Dh34) - a hot tapas from their Spanish menu that comes with chimichurri and a typically French Bertin's benedict (Dh59) that comes with lots of mushrooms again, but on a bed of cheese souffle to die for.
The chimichurri sauce, a mixture of garlic, parsley, oil and vinegar, is also a condiment staple that arrives when seated.
The slab of sirloin served with a chimichurri sauce looked divine (though, Valentine, when a nearby cow mooed, it was not because it "approved" of you cooking its pal).
Baby Bakers can also be used for dipping--as well as in recipes such as Vegetable Fondue or Baby Bakers with Three Sauces: Chimichurri, Romesco and BaconGorgonzola.
It was accompanied by chimichurri, an authentic Argentine marinade that added a delicious bite to the meat.
Mintel has identified seven flavors that will come into the limelight in the new year: Persimmon, Starfruit, Lavender, Cactus, Chimichurri, Peri-Peri, and Masala.
American breads served with fresh chimichurri and guacamole followed by a combination of fresh Ecuadorian, seabass and tuna ceviche spoons.
Maria said: "It was fascinating to come to the factory and see how Chimichurri is made on such a large scale - the whole process was fascinating.
To get in the south American mood I didn't dance any tangos, but I did make chimichurri sauce as a spicy blanket for a grilled steak.
Try Mike's Bife de Ancho (rib-eye steak) with chimichurri dressing.
One of Jim's favorites for grilled fish is his own version of Argentine Chimichurri.
Tribe Mediterranean Foods' line of all-natural hummus is expanding with four new flavors as well as getting a face lift With Cilantro Chimichurri, Olive Tapenade, Savory Mushroom and Mediterranean Style joining the mix, packaging across the entire line has been updated with a single design in an eight-ounce, eco-friendly container, which company officials say makes it easier for consumers to spot their favorite flavors.