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A sauce made of chopped fresh parsley seasoned with garlic, pepper, and herbs and bound with oil and vinegar.

[Argentinian and Uruguayan Spanish, of unknown origin.]
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(about 1 lb.) frozen puff pastry, thawed 1 large egg Chimichurri (recipe follows) 1.
American breads served with fresh chimichurri and guacamole followed by a combination of fresh Ecuadorian, seabass and tuna ceviche spoons.
Marina, the engaging sommelier takes you through the different wines being served, weaving in entertaining stories into her talk, which you enjoy with traditional dishes like ceviche, empanadas, and the hero dish, black aberdeen angus beef steak with a delicious chimichurri sauce.
The chimichanga, a deep-fried burrito stuffed with shrimp, poblano pepper and cheese, and the asada, a wonderfully tender steak that somehow managed to cover a poblano pepper, shrimps, mushrooms, onions and Monterey Jack cheese with chimichurri sauce, received an enthusiastic two thumbs up from my companions.
Out of Chimichurri, a Grade 3 winner and Grade 1-placed daughter of Elusive Quality, the filly, who was consigned by Gainesway as agent for Stonestreet Thoroughbred Holdings, also attracted bids from Charlotte Weber of Live Oak Stud.
Here is my favourite recipe for Chimichurri, you can mix all together but I prefer to go through a three-step process while preparing the sauce:
But oh no, the slightest opportunity to suavely advertise my grotesque command of the Castillian tongue and I'm in there like El Flinto, gesturing towards the spicy sausages in chimichurri sauce and requesting three tins of paint and a church.
We equally enjoyed the filet, served on a bed of broccolini and housemade chimichurri. The meat was cooked perfectly (all the meat we ordered was made exactly to our specifications) and had a nice light seasoning.
Anticuchos de Lomo are beef tenderloin cubes with dark chimichurri sauce.
The steak was intentionally under-seasoned so we could customize the seasoning with the accompanying chimichurri, merlot reduction, smoked sea salt, sea salt, mustard, balsamic mustard and honey mustard.
Deluxe Spicy Chimichurri Marinade, PS1.19, Lidl Brilliant if you find BBQ sauce a bit cloying.
Grab-'n'-go delights include Jalapeno Corn Cakes, Spiced Spareribs with Chimichurri Sauce, Traditional Swabian Soft Pretzels, Falafel Mezze Plate, Nectarine Raspberry with Tarragon Pops, and much more.