chimney plant

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Noun1.chimney plant - bellflower of southeastern Europechimney plant - bellflower of southeastern Europe  
bellflower, campanula - any of various plants of the genus Campanula having blue or white bell-shaped flowers
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Topics include the Graetz problem with viscous dissipation for non- Newtonian fluids, the use of graphics software in radiative heat transfer simulation, Atwood number effects in buoyancy-driven flows, analysis of a solar chimney plant design for mountainous regions, and water evaporation from nanoporous cylinder surfaces in natural convective airflow.
Contract award notice: Steel chimney plant / q16 new construction car park with energy center (germany-stuttgart: Central-heating installation work)
gas fired condensing boiler up to 290kw (3pcs.), Chp module 80kw-th (1p.), Industrial stainless steel chimney plant (2p.), Central plant engineering (8 heating groups), Radiator (58p.), Dn15 pipe 125 (990 lm), Dismantling work boiler, Radiator, Piping (1 psch.), District heating pipe dn 50-80 (390 running meters).
25 m and silencers for sound reduction, - electrical installation for powering the boiler containers and data exchange with existing heating plant, For the installation of the chimney plant as well as for the installation of the boiler containers, Appropriate foundations are to be realized.