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Noun1.chimneysweep - someone who cleans soot from chimneyschimneysweep - someone who cleans soot from chimneys
cleaner - someone whose occupation is cleaning
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To her, another lady, apple- woman by trade, who had saved a fortune of ten thousand pounds and hidden it 'here and there, in cracks and corners, behind bricks and under the flooring.' To her, a French gentleman, who had crammed up his chimney, rather to the detriment of its drawing powers, 'a leather valise, containing twenty thousand francs, gold coins, and a large quantity of precious stones,' as discovered by a chimneysweep after his death.
- Ensure that the chimney is checked and cleared by a chimneysweep before you light another fire in the grate.
They were also asked to write their own version of a classic scene featuring Mary Poppins and Bert the chimneysweep at the races.
This movie visits the grown-up Banks children with 'Hamilton's' Lin-Manuel Miranda appearing as a lamplighter named Jack (no worries, original chimneysweep Bert-Dick Van Dyke-cameos).
1903: Maurice Garin, nicknamed 'the little chimneysweep', won the inaugural Tour de France.
The former chimneysweep is fast becoming the heartthrob of the show after splitting with girlfriend Halle Carlson.
But the game is up for the disingenuous preacher when Hector enters the scene with the chimneysweep's eight children.
He plays chimneysweep Bert, a good friend to Julie Andrew's amazing nanny Mary Poppins, who sweeps in with the wind to transform the lives of the Banks' family.
The stage version of the Disney movie is a London hit, arriving on Broadway with Gavin Lee repeating his star-making turn as Bert the sooty chimneysweep. Matthew Bourne is codirector and choreographer.
Four stoner buddies run a dramatically inept chimneysweep business: Zoli (Gergely Banki), Anti (Csaba Hernadi), Dofi (Karoly Hajduk) and Papi (Andras Rethelyi) seem to have selected their profession for the opportunities it provides to zone out on a series of rooftops.
Within a year of the publication of Kingsley's tale about a young boy who labours for a cruel chimneysweep, parliament had banned the widespread practice of pushing small boys up chimneys to do this filthy and dangerous work.