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Noun1.chimneysweep - someone who cleans soot from chimneyschimneysweep - someone who cleans soot from chimneys
cleaner - someone whose occupation is cleaning
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To her, a French gentleman, who had crammed up his chimney, rather to the detriment of its drawing powers, 'a leather valise, containing twenty thousand francs, gold coins, and a large quantity of precious stones,' as discovered by a chimneysweep after his death.
It's amazing how the cast remember all the intricate steps during Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious in the Xrst half, while jaws drop when chimneysweep Bert (superb Daniel Crossley) literally dances on the ceiling during the second half 's Step In Time.
One is reminded of Dick van Dyke, the Cockney chimneysweep in Mary Poppins, proving conclusively that grime and a funny accent can be a fatal combination.
Led by Mary Poppins, youngsters Jane and Michael embark on a series of adventures and make a new set of friends including Bert the chimneysweep, shopkeeper Mrs Corry and Neleus the talking statue.
Paul Prescott referenced film Mary Poppins, in which American Van Dyke fails to convince as a London chimneysweep, saying: "Peter Kay is giving Dick van Dyke a run for his money.
The former chimneysweep is fast becoming the heartthrob of the show after splitting with girlfriend Halle Carlson.
a chimneysweep & methadone clinic habitue in shamrock-
He plays chimneysweep Bert, a good friend to Julie Andrew's amazing nanny Mary Poppins, who sweeps in with the wind to transform the lives of the Banks' family.
So too is chimneysweep Bert (Dick van Dyke), who joins the exciting escapades.
Mary, and her chimneysweep friend, Bert, turn things upside down as they teach the children how to laugh and have fun, and in the process show the parents about the things that matter most in life.
The stage version of the Disney movie is a London hit, arriving on Broadway with Gavin Lee repeating his star-making turn as Bert the sooty chimneysweep.