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Noun1.chin strap - a strap attached to a hatchin strap - a strap attached to a hat; passes under the chin and holds the hat in place
strap - an elongated leather strip (or a strip of similar material) for binding things together or holding something in position
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He had a nut-cracker face--chin and nose trying to come together over a sunken mouth-- and it was framed in iron-gray fluffy hair, that looked like a chin strap of cotton-wool sprinkled with coal-dust.
Olivia Attwood has prompted rumours she's had more plastic surgery as she posted a video of herself wearing a bizarre chin strap wrapped around her head.
"I dodged a bullet, got lucky," said Voit, who planned to try a protective chin strap on his helmet before the game.
Unfortunately, the sight of Ruth wearing a rubber chin strap contraption brought images of that S&M documentary they made last year flooding back into my mind.
The one shown here is from the American Civil War, with a braided chin strap, safety loop, marked PC in bullion, with an estimate of PS150/PS250.
Mine had applique roses and a detachable chin strap.
Guard was a whimsical table lamp that paid homage to guards at England's Buckingham Palace and was designed by Victoria Azadinho Bocconi; the chin strap serves as a handle.
nFace masks should be attached and the chin strap fastened snugly to prevent any movement.
Luckily, he's got some good advice from his college football coach: "Buckle your chin strap and hit somebody." And sometimes, the only way to win a tough case is to do just that.
Sporting a beard so finely sculptured as to resemble the chin strap of an otherwise invisible bike helmet, he had the sour look of a chap who'd mislaid the toothpaste and accidentally brushed with haemorrhoid cream.
The Comfort Flo Plus Cannula is designed to enhance the overall patient experience by offering silicone nares, an optional chin strap to encourage closed mouth treatments, which may increase positive end pressure 3, and a bifurcated head strap for a secure fit during patient movement.