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Noun1.chin-wag - light informal conversation for social occasionschin-wag - light informal conversation for social occasions
chat, confab, confabulation, schmoose, schmooze - an informal conversation
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It was an earlier passionate chin-wag at the former Boro manager's Nunthorpe house that enticed Downing to opt for "on the up" Rovers ahead of Sunderland, Glasgow Rangers or a spell in the United States.
IT'S not every day you meet the Queen - let alone Her Majesty stopping by for a good old chin-wag.
The South Staffordshire MP met up with former Chancellor George Osborne for a bite and a chin-wag at the plush Ivy Kensington Brasserie.
The parallel events programme ends on Sunday with a summation: a brunch at the Dance House, aptly-entitled The Day After, during which dancers, choreographers and attendees can have a jolly good chin-wag about the wonders of the last couple of days.
Janet and Rachel are going to need to good old chin-wag in the ladies.
And in case his customers in the quiet chair suddenly change their minds and are seized by the need to have chin-wag after all, they can opt to natter.
ENTERTAINMENT The camp presenter (left) welcomes more A-list guests for a chin-wag. Tonight he meets Kristen Wiig, star of new film The Martian, plus pop star Selena Gomez performs in the studio.
That was the news when I sat down for a chin-wag with Blake Solly this week, the Super League general manager who was on Tyneside to take the temperature of the city less than four months away from the event.
And it's not even as if he can enjoy a chin-wag with the neighbours as he took the precaution of buying the house next door so he didn't have to cope with them.