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Noun1.chin-wagging - light informal conversation for social occasionschin-wagging - light informal conversation for social occasions
chat, confab, confabulation, schmoose, schmooze - an informal conversation
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Half the memory-lane highlights clips they'd teed up didn't play, and those that did were marred by the cacophony of presenters and crew chin-wagging.
After a few minutes chin-wagging I realised these people weren't any ordinary Joes, especially when they told me they were back in the area in anticipation of being recalled "back to the House".
Founded in 1971, each year the WEF provides heads of state, central bank governors, scientists, billionaires, businessmen and artists with a vital chin-wagging and lobbying platform.
After a brief hiatus from television, in which she focused on spending time with her family and setting up a maths website for children called The Maths Factor, Vorderman has now joined the likes of Denise Welch, Carol McGiffin and Sally Lindsay on lunchtime chat show Loose Women, which is notorious for its heated chin-wagging.
They also spend 28 minutes daily chin-wagging about the latest results, tackles, goals or transfer gossip.