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A deciduous Asian tree (Melia azedarach), widely cultivated and naturalized in the southern United States, having bipinnately compound leaves, lavender flowers, and poisonous yellow fruit. Also called China tree.
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n, pl -ries
1. (Plants) Also called: China tree or azedarach a spreading Asian meliaceous tree, Melia azedarach, widely grown in the US for its ornamental white or purple flowers and beadlike yellow fruits
2. (Plants) another name for soapberry
3. (Plants) the fruit of any of these trees
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(ˈtʃaɪ nəˌbɛr i)

n., pl. -ries.
a tree, Melia azedarach, of the mahogany family, native to Asia but widely planted elsewhere for its ornamental yellow fruits and long clusters of fragrant purplish flowers. Also called China tree.
[1885–90, Amer.]
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Noun1.chinaberry - evergreen of tropical America having pulpy fruit containing saponin which was used as soap by Native Americanschinaberry - evergreen of tropical America having pulpy fruit containing saponin which was used as soap by Native Americans
soapberry, soapberry tree - a tree of the genus Sapindus whose fruit is rich in saponin
genus Sapindus, Sapindus - type genus of the Sapindaceae
2.chinaberry - tree of northern India and China having purple blossoms and small inedible yellow fruitschinaberry - tree of northern India and China having purple blossoms and small inedible yellow fruits; naturalized in the southern United States as a shade tree
genus Melia, Melia - type genus of the Meliaceae: East Indian and Australian deciduous trees with leaves resembling those of the ash
tree - a tall perennial woody plant having a main trunk and branches forming a distinct elevated crown; includes both gymnosperms and angiosperms
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Red-crowned Parrot Amazona viridigenalis--About 100 were feeding on chinaberry (Melia azedarach) fruits ca.
The most abundant of those include chinaberry (Melia azedarach), tree-of-heaven (Ailanthus altissima), and Japanese ligustrom (Ligustrum japonicum).
The chinaberry tree blossoms all over again, the shadow lengthens
It bored into him as the bees bored into the chinaberry blossoms" (p.
However, there is every chance that Mel Brittain's Chinaberry can spring back to life and cause a bit of a shock.
Other companies, such as White Flower Farm and Chinaberry Books, add an effective twist to their referral offers by providing back-end incentives.
When they thinned out he headed for the cherry blossoms, then magnolia, chinaberry, pecan, walnut and prickly pear.
Today, guests take their breakfast beneath the shade of an old chinaberry tree that sprawls in front of Cody's old cottage.
She portrayed mostly middle-class African Americans, often striving for white acceptance, in four novels: There is Confusion (1924), Plum Bun: A Novel Without a Moral (1928), The Chinaberry Tree: A Novel of American Life (1931), and Comedy, American Style (1933).
Response of the sweet potato whitefly, Bemisia tabaci, to the chinaberry tree (Melia azedarach L.) and its extracts.
Born and raised without the benefit of Watts chop shops, Motown street comers, or deepdown Smithville fishing holes and Chinaberry trees, I was only as black as derision or casual observation would carry.