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 (chĭn′chə-rĭn-chē′, chĭng′kə-)
A southern African bulbous plant (Ornithogalum thyrsoides) having fragrant clusters of showy white blossoms that are popular as cut flowers.

[Afrikaans tjienkerientjee : tjienker-, imitative of a tinkling sound (from the sound the stems make when rubbed together) + uintjie, bulb, diminutive of ui, onion (from Middle Dutch uyen, ultimately from Latin uniō, a kind of onion).]


(ˌtʃɪntʃərɪnˈtʃiː; -ˈrɪntʃɪ)
(Plants) a bulbous South African liliaceous plant, Ornithogalum thyrsoides, having long spikes of white or yellow long-lasting flowers
[of unknown origin]


(ˌtʃɪn tʃə rɪnˈtʃi, -ˈrɪn tʃi, ˌtʃɪŋ kə-)

a bulbous plant, Ornithogalum thyrsoides, of the lily family, native to S Africa, having dense clusters of cream-colored or white flowers.
[1925–30; < Afrikaans tjienkerientjee]
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Noun1.chincherinchee - South African perennial with long-lasting spikes of white blossoms that are shipped in to Europe and America for use as winter cut flowers
star-of-Bethlehem - any of several perennial plants of the genus Ornithogalum native to the Mediterranean and having star-shaped flowers
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The longest NG words in this list are the 14-letter CHINCHERINCHEE (Graph 6:7:13), DIVISIVENESSES (Graph 6:6:4), and FEMININENESSES (Graph 6:6:2).
And, with just over pounds 1.50 left, Simon headed to Earth floral designers in Cook Street where they created an exotic spray of chincherinchee, eucalyptus and purple stillingia to adorn the vase.
OFFER The varied collection consists of 10 Gladioli, 25 Freesias, 25 Chincherinchees, 2 Dahlia and 5 Asiatic Lilies.