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Noun1.chinese mustard - Asiatic mustard used as a potherbchinese mustard - Asiatic mustard used as a potherb  
Brassica, genus Brassica - mustards: cabbages; cauliflowers; turnips; etc.
mustard - any of several cruciferous plants of the genus Brassica
2.Chinese mustard - very hot prepared mustard
table mustard, mustard - pungent powder or paste prepared from ground mustard seeds
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The government should consider giving them a temporary grant or license,' he said, adding the farmers mostly cultivate eggplant, spinach, lime, Chinese mustard, okra and several other local fruits.
Sativus) or radish in English; mustasa (Brassica juncea), mustard, brown mustard, Indian mustard, Chinese mustard, oriental mustard or vegetable mustard; sibuyas (Allium cepa) or onion; kamatis (Solanum lycopersicum) - the English tomato came from the Mexican Nahuatl tomatl; bawang (Allium sativum or garlic); luya (Zingiber officinale) or ginger, from the original Sanskrit that describes it as 'looks like a horn'; and, last but not least, linga (Sesamum indicum) or sesame.
Yield: 20 pieces REUBEN SPRING ROLLS A new twist on a classic sandwich 1/2 pound cooked corned beef, shredded 1/2 pound Swiss cheese, grated 1 cup shredded bok choy 1 teaspoon sesame oil 2 to 3 teaspoons soy sauce 8 to 10 pastry rice paper wrappers Oil for frying Regular or hot Chinese mustard for serving For filling, in a bowl, toss together corned beef, Swiss cheese, bok choy, sesame oil, and soy sauce.
The volunteers were picking butter lettuce, Indian lettuce and Chinese mustard leaf in rows of low black plastic planters on a decommissioned helipad on the 146-meter (480-foot)-high roof of the 38-story Bank of America tower, the scenery: a vertiginous panorama of glass office towers framed by lush mountain peaks and Victoria Harbor.
The Beef & Prawn Chiu Chow was another masterpiece with sweet bean, black vinegar and sesame and then came a duo of dumpling delights, the Alaskan King Crab Crystal Chive, mine and Martin's favourite with Szechuan Chili Sauce and marvellous Chinese Mustard and a spicy Szechuan Chili Lamb featuring Szechuan Pepper, black vinegar and crispy shallots which had the wives playing fair and cutting the fifth dumpling in half to share.
Bok choy has various aliases--pak choi, Chinese chard, Chinese mustard and spoon cabbage--and is also available as baby bok choy, a younger, smaller and sweeter version with a more delicate texture, which is sometimes preferred.
We have a Chinese mustard sauce that combines the hot mustard with the sweetness of duck sauce.
Also on display are Green Drill, Broccoli leaves, Kangkon leaves, Long Chilli Orange, Small Bush Egg Plant, Small Egg Plant white, Sponge Gourd, Bitter Lemon, Neem Tip, Small Egg Plant blue, Chinese Mustard Flower.
However, showing their closer affinity Bangladesh and Chinese mustard lines (AC# 2186 and Chn.) clustered with mustard accessions from Sri Lanka.
also known as mustard greens, Indian mustard, Chinese mustard, and leaf mustard belongs to the family Cruciferae and is widely cultivated in Bangladesh for its edible green leaves and for its seeds from which an oil is extracted and used for cooking purposes.
Savoury options include the likes of asparagus and ginger salad with Chinese mustard and cabbage, roast butternut squash and peanut curry and seared chilli rubbed beef with Thai basil dipping sauce.
broccoli rabe, Chinese mustard greens (gai choy),* or regular mustard greens.

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