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chink 1

A narrow opening, such as a crack or fissure.
tr.v. chinked, chink·ing, chinks
1. To make narrow openings in.
2. To fill narrow openings in.

[Probably alteration of obsolete chine, from Middle English, crack, from Old English cine.]

chink′y adj.

chink 2

A slight, metallic sound, as of coins rattling in a pocket.
intr. & tr.v. chinked, chink·ing, chinks
To make or cause to make a slight, metallic sound.



n. Offensive Slang
Used as a disparaging term for a person of Chinese birth or descent.

[Probably alteration of Chinese.]
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According to Chinky Freires-Paculanang, assistant principal-designate of Junob National High School - Dumaguete City Division, the DepEd Chief visited the school and "expressed the urgency" of rebuilding the 14 classrooms engulfed by fire last June 20.
Chinky Apostol with chefs Robby Goco and Sandy Daza.
To those we have lost-I think of my cousin Mildred, my friend Abby, our sisters Lanie, Patty, Michi, Chinky and others: Your passing has been a sobering reminder that this disease is a sly, malevolent traitor.
But there was an IGP, a Brahamin, who was very racial and did not like any chinky eyed people.
It was almost near Urmi Estate in Lower Parel (where her drop was) when she went completely racist and called me a "chinky" & a "chinky s**t".
Chinky Gabas, director at Miss Esthe Facial Salon and Skin Care, said most Filipinos want fairer and more radiant skin that's toned and firm.
Incidents of teasing or use of slurs like "momos" or "chinky" are not considered a crime under the Indian Penal Code.
Every South Indian is a Madrasi and a North Easteren is a chinky and a Bihari and UPwallas are always 'bhaiya'.
"Just the other day I was driving down the road and someone gave me the chinky eyes, where they sort of pull their eyes back and make a face, so it's not a dead trope."
Negotiator Ahem Chinky says Pakistani families and groups raised $1.1 million for the release of the crew members from the MV Albino.