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The central forward portion of the lower jaw.
v. chinned, chin·ning, chins
1. To pull (oneself) up with the arms while grasping an overhead horizontal bar until the chin is level with or above the bar.
2. Music To place (a violin) under the chin in preparation to play it.
1. To chin oneself.
2. Informal To make idle conversation; chatter.

[Middle English, from Old English cin; see genu- in Indo-European roots.]

chin′less adj.


See Jin.
References in classic literature ?
Takes to ut like a duck to water," said Long Jack, a grizzly- chinned, long-lipped Galway man, bending to and fro exactly as Manuel had done.
You ladies who are everything to your husbands save a girl from the dream of youth, have you never known that double- chinned industrious man laugh suddenly in a reverie and start up, as if he fancied he were being hailed from far-away?