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1. A style in art reflecting Chinese influence through use of elaborate decoration and intricate patterns.
2. An object reflecting Chinese artistic influence.

[French, from chinois, Chinese, from Chine, China.]


(ʃiːnˌwɑːzəˈriː; -ˈwɑːzərɪ)
1. (Art Terms) a style of decorative or fine art based on imitations of Chinese motifs
2. (Art Terms) an object or objects in this style
[French, from chinois Chinese; see -ery]


(ʃinˈwɑ zə ri, -ˌwɑ zəˈri)

(sometimes cap.)
1. a style of ornamentation using motifs identified as Chinese.
2. an object decorated in this style.
[1880–85; < French, =chinois Chinese + -erie -ery]


anything typically Chinese or made in a Chinese manner.
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Decoration on eighteenth-century European porcelain, depicting Chinese scenes.
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Noun1.chinoiserie - a style in art reflecting Chinese influencechinoiserie - a style in art reflecting Chinese influence; elaborately decorated and intricately patterned
genre - a class of art (or artistic endeavor) having a characteristic form or technique
References in classic literature ?
There are treasures behind these locked doors, brocades, old jewels, unframed pictures, bronzes, chinoiseries, Japoneries.
The mansion was described as being decorated in a very "artistic" manner -- lots of Chinoiserie, tapestries, stuffed birds.
Third, the title and structure as well as the name and characteristic speech of the key figure in Brecht's Buch der Wendungen ("Book of Twists and Turns," if you wish) all draw on the age-old tradition of Chinese philosophizing, and on Confucius's foe Mo Ti (or Mo-tzu, or Micius) in particular, thereby creating both a latter-day socio- and historico-philosophical manual of wisdom and a charming if sometimes quite cryptic literary chinoiserie.
Whitehead's taste favours the exuberance of rococo and the charm of chinoiserie.
The fashion of the day demanded pottery decorated with Chinese designs - chinoiserie, as it is called - and Worcester's senior decorators were given their heads, resulting in the factory maintaining a successful grasp on the market of the day.
Bamboo wallpaper, Chinoiserie console tables and Sputnik- light fixtures salute the rich design history of the area.
Each of the uniquely-decorated, Parisian-inspired rooms is luxuriously appointed with Chinoiserie screens, hand-tufted European carpets and gilded furnishings, along with hypo-allergenic down pillows and comforters, Sferra-designed linens and bathrobes, Neil Georges amenities, complimentary WiFi and flat screen televisions.
Gold, particularly, is so much part of our myths and legends, with childhood stories often having pirates hunting for it,'' says FREDERICK Wimsett, who hand-paints Chinoiserie murals which feature 24-carat gold leaf, and whose clients include fashion designer Alice Temperley.
Situated in the heart of Knightsbridge, guests on the Stay for Longer packages can enjoy a luxurious stay at the iconic hotel, including The Peak Health Club & Spa located high above the city on the ninth floor, Chinoiserie for unique afternoon tea by Eric Lanlard, and mouth-watering dishes made with the best of Britain s seasonal produce in The Rib Room Bar & Restaurant.
Designs include Porcelain Floral, an artfully handtufted cut pile rug inspired by blue and white Chinoiserie motifs in antique Chinese porcelain, Water Garden, a tone-on-tone handhooked loop pile rug with handtufted cut pile stylized flower petals in viscose, and Island Lattice, which features a white trellis motif on an azure blue background.
InStyle magazine said it best when they described the interior as, "Gothic, burlesque, Hollywood Regency and chinoiserie elements are juxtaposed with modern flourishes like graffiti artwork, Japanese anime and kaleidoscopic rugs.