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1. A style in art reflecting Chinese influence through use of elaborate decoration and intricate patterns.
2. An object reflecting Chinese artistic influence.

[French, from chinois, Chinese, from Chine, China.]


(ʃiːnˌwɑːzəˈriː; -ˈwɑːzərɪ)
1. (Art Terms) a style of decorative or fine art based on imitations of Chinese motifs
2. (Art Terms) an object or objects in this style
[French, from chinois Chinese; see -ery]


(ʃinˈwɑ zə ri, -ˌwɑ zəˈri)

(sometimes cap.)
1. a style of ornamentation using motifs identified as Chinese.
2. an object decorated in this style.
[1880–85; < French, =chinois Chinese + -erie -ery]


anything typically Chinese or made in a Chinese manner.
See also: Art, China


Decoration on eighteenth-century European porcelain, depicting Chinese scenes.
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Noun1.chinoiserie - a style in art reflecting Chinese influencechinoiserie - a style in art reflecting Chinese influence; elaborately decorated and intricately patterned
genre - a class of art (or artistic endeavor) having a characteristic form or technique
References in classic literature ?
There are treasures behind these locked doors, brocades, old jewels, unframed pictures, bronzes, chinoiseries, Japoneries.
Y asi, nos habla de cuestiones tales como "la metamorfosis de los bienes" para referirse a la "occidentalizacion de lo oriental", es decir, a los encargos a las manufacturas chinas de productos adaptados a los gustos occidentales, y a la "orientalizacion de lo occidental", es decir, a las chinoiseries fabricadas ya en Europa y America, que a veces pueden adoptar formas autenticamente sincreticas, como la conocida talavera poblana, donde se combinan la tradicion espanola, la artesania mexicana y la decoracion oriental.
Early 20thcentury lady's red japanned kneehole dressing table in the Georgian manner, decorated in gilt with chinoiseries.
Algo similar revelan, por ejemplo, las muchas baratijas y las chinoiseries que aparecen en las novelas de Jose Asuncion Silva o Manuel Gutierrez Najera, objetos que en este caso nos hablan de como el modernismo se habia apropiado de la retorica del coleccionismo, incorporando profusas listas de raros y curiosos bibelots a su narracion, como si las paginas de la novela fueran los salones de un museo.
He should help ensure the market holds up, while last-time-out winners Chinoiseries and Percy Street will also have their backers.
CHINOISERIES can make the step up to Listed level with the minimum of fuss in the totepool ebfstallions.
Slowly away, Chinoiseries found her stride late and with two subsequent winners in behind the form looks relatively decent.
David Simcock, trainer of Chinoiseries who runs at Pontefract |
Significativamente, Boucher pinto tambien un Dixpetites chinoiseries, conservado en el Museo de Bellas Artes y Arqueologia de Besangon.
Prosa que apela a la memoria pero no menos que ello, a ciertas chinoiseries que circulan en Occidente respecto de sus alteridades.
lt;< Si vous croyez que nous allons nous conformer aux chinoiseries du Code
The Indian Room is lined with panels of chinoiseries in lacquer, enriched with turquoises and mother of pearl.