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Relating to or exhibiting chirality.

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(ˈkaɪ rəl)

not able to be superimposed on its mirror image: chiral molecules.
[1894; chir- < Greek cheír hand + -al1; coined by Lord Kelvin]
chi•ral′i•ty, n.
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Effective Field Theories for Nuclei and Compact-Star Matter: Chiral Nuclear Dynamics (CND-III)
Living organisms tend to be extremely picky in their use of chiral substances: A drug's effectiveness can depend on the chirality of its molecules.
M2 PRESSWIRE-August 9, 2019-: Chiral Chemicals Industry Global Production,Growth,Share,Demand and Applications Forecast to 2023
CHITRAL -- Members of District Bar Association Chiral and workers of Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) commemorated Yomi Takbeer as on this day Pakistan declared Nuclear (Atomic) power in 1998.
Summary: New mononuclear copper (II) complexes (1, 2 and 3) were synthesized from Schiff bases (H2L) of chiral amino alcohols.
[ClickPress, Thu Oct 11 2018] Chiral chromatography column is a variant of column chromatography in which the stationary phase contains a single enantiomer of a chiral compound rather than being achiral.
These objects, which are referred to as "chiral magnetic bobbers," are three-dimensional magnetic structures that appear near the surfaces of certain alloys.
Special guests gave away awards to those presented their paper on digitisation and documentation of plants and natural resources of Chiral. It was part of three-day international conference of Botany 2018 titled 'digitization and documentation of plant natural resources in Chitral'.
digitization and documentation of plants and natural resources of Chiral. Talking on the last day of the concluding ceremony, well known botanist Dr Mary Elizabeth Barkworth of Utah University of USA said it was a landmark day in the history as the work on digitization of the plant species was being started in an obscure and remote area known by very few people about its geography.
A chiral medium has widely been explored, and many applications have been proposed in chemistry, optics, elementary particle physics, and electromagnetics [17, 18].
In 1989, Wojciechowski and Branka proposed a "tilted" honeycomb, with sixfold symmetry but no mirror symmetry in a plane (that is, it is chiral in a plane, but not in the 3D space), as a way to obtain a negative Poisson's ratio [3].