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chi·rog′ra·pher n.
chi′ro·graph′ic (kī′rə-grăf′ĭk), chi′ro·graph′i·cal adj.
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Situated between orality and literacy, the chirographic manuscript betrays residual orality by allowing for some degree of audience interaction and narrative incompleteness--as we find in Frankenstein.
Among their topics are Balinese practices of script and Western paradigms of text: an anthropological approach to a philological topic; the body of letters: Balinese aksara as an intersection between script, power, and knowledge; the medium is the message: chirographic figures in two traditions; the imposition of the syllabary (svaravyanjana-nyasa) in the Old Javano-Balinese tradition in light of South Asian Tantric sources; and visible and invisible script used at consecrations of buildings in Bali.
Though their layouts vary according to the chirographic and morphological conventions of the times in which they were made, manuscripts often contain violations or manipulations of the space of the page that, for students accustomed to printed text (and digital texts that use print conventions), can challenge interpretive norms.
Media history moves from oral culture, to chirographic or manuscript culture, and then to print or typographic culture, and on to electronic culture" (Grosswiler, 2001, p.
10) Over the seventeenth century, the modern meaning of 'character' as a person's identity emerged out of this earlier etymology: when the chirographic style of handwriting can be associated with one individual, that writing can then stand for that individual.
In this "film script" of modern warfare--even when "screened" in the medium of chirographic culture--we suddenly see writ large the communicative bias of the cinematic image--its immediacy, its presentism, its total immersion in the moment, all of which Owen equates with "truth"
He argued that modes of language--oral, chirographic, print, electronic--shape us and shape culture.
Despite these shared features, however, there are important and often overlooked developments between the Latin and Old English riddle genres, particularly in terms of their treatment of chirographic topics.
This phonocentrism of Osundare's verse is a salutary throwback to African orature, a chirographic revalorization of tradition and the oral patrimony of Africa.
The theological tradition, ranging across time and space--the centuries of Christianity and the myriad cultures and places in which the reflection on Christian belief occurs--also embraces the variety of information processing, storage, and understanding techniques described in studies of oral, chirographic, print, visual, and electronic cultures.
The form of the self is shaped by how a given culture relates to the modes of its symbolizing practices to its chirographic, typographic, or digitizing technologies.
However, ir Arguedas suggests a connection between writing and colonial power in "Tupac Amaru Kamaq Taytanchisman," his own written text demonstrates how Quechua communities can strategically appropriate this chirographic system.